5 Fun Continuing Education Classes

Unique and exciting course offerings lure adults back into the classroom.

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Computer classes are some of the most common continuing education courses (for good reason), but some of the most fun classes teach students how to blog.

Continuing education classes are often associated with things like professional development, learning a new language or training for a specific job. Many people forget that continuing education can also refer to the classes that adults take just for fun. If you’re looking to learn something new and exciting, consider taking a fun continuing education class like the ones listed below.

1. Gardening

It seems fitting that with an increased interest in organic, healthy foods more people are hoping to start their own vegetable gardens. Others simply crave the beauty of a flower garden. But if you’ve never had much gardening experience before, don’t underestimate just how much skill it takes to grow flowers and food successfully.

Gardening classes are a great way to learn from someone who has a seriously green thumb. Plus, you can look for specific gardening classes that meet your needs. For example, the Chicago Botanic Garden offers classes in sustainable gardening, organic gardening and how to garden in raised beds. Check your local nursery, botanic garden or community center for gardening class offerings in your area.

2. Improv Comedy

Do you like performing for or entertaining others? Then consider taking a class in improvisational comedy, more commonly known as “improv.” These classes teach you the basics of how to create and perform comedy on the spot rather than from a script. You’ll get to practice with other comedy lovers and some classes may even involve giving performances.

Urban cities typically have several great improv comedy classes available. Those in New York City, for example, can find classes at places like Chicago City Limits and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Check with local comedy clubs or community college to see if they offer improv classes.

3. Blogging

Computer classes are some of the most common continuing education courses (for good reason), but some of the most fun classes teach students how to blog. This is a fun and exciting way to be engaged on the Internet, and with a tutorial from a class you can do it more effectively. Blogging classes teach you how to set up your blog, write posts, add video or photos and interact with your blog followers.

Blogging courses are offered are usually offered at local colleges and community centers. For example, Blogging 101 is a lifelong learning class available at University of Utah.

4. Massage

Massage is a great way to relieve stress and relax tense muscles. Many people find that learning to give massages is just as fun as receiving them. There are lots of continuing education massage courses, and many of these teach specific methods like Swedish massage, sports massage and trigger point therapy.

Choose a massage class that best fits your interests. For instance, St. Louis Community College offers a couple courses in couples massage. You can find massage class offerings at most community colleges and technical schools, some of which are part of a degree program.

5. Cooking

Perhaps the most popular “fun” continuing education course is a cooking class. This is something that people can do on their own, with their partner, with friends, or even with their children. There are great beginners cooking classes which teach you everything from chopping and slicing to sautéing and roasting. Those who want more advanced classes can choose one which focuses on a particular cuisine (like French or Indian), a specific skill (like cake decorating) or a particular dietary need (like heart-healthy or vegan).

In addition to cooking classes at community colleges and community centers, there are many cities which have separate schools set up just for cooking classes. For example, The Chopping Block is a large recreational cooking school located in Chicago that offers classes like “A Gluten-Free Holiday” and “Pasta Workshop.”

Quick Tips

  • Use a college search to find a college or technical school near you.
  • Browse through catalogs to see course offerings at local colleges. You may stumble upon a continuing education class that sounds fascinating without having any particular interest in mind.
  • Consider online colleges for fun continuing education course as well. Schools like Kaplan University have plenty of online continuing educating classes that are easier to fit into your schedule than an in-person class.

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