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If you’re more of a learner than a worker, consider summer learning opportunities like camps and reading programs. They don’t have to be expensive programs to look great on college applications.

Plan a solid summer, filled with volunteering, internships, and of course, fun.

In order to have a productive summer, you need to plan a productive summer. To all the procrastinators out there: this means you’ll need to think about what you want to accomplish this summer before summer actually begins.

The good news is that there are a myriad of things you can do this summer that will help you shine on college applications down the road. And a side effect of all this productivity is that you might end up with a little money in your pocket to boot.

Summer Jobs and Internships

Steady summer work delivers a variety of pros and very few cons. Summer jobs and internships can help you:

  • Show prospective colleges that you’re responsible and hard-working.
  • Explore different career paths that you might be interested in.
  • Connect with business professionals who might recommend you to colleges and for employment opportunities down the line.
  • Make money for college expenses.
  • Develop ideas for your college essays that revolve around personal responsibility and leadership.

To find out where you might look to get a summer job or internship, check with your family members, teachers, counselors, and friends.

Volunteering Over the Summer

While it’s great to volunteer year round, many students are too busy with academics and extracurricular activities to have any time for community service during the year. Summertime turns out to be a great time for students like you to knock out community service hours while strengthening your college resume.

When looking for volunteer opportunities, think of things in your community that are important to you and that you’ll have fun with. Volunteermatch has an excellent service that helps you find great opportunities – from environmental volunteering to pet rescue – in your area.

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