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Don’t forget to prepare and ask some questions during your interview. This gives you the opportunity to show your interest and learn about the school.

As seniors finish up the application process, it's time for them to begin planning college interviews.

We get it, things change and sometimes life gets in the way.

This is why it’s important to take advantage of your second chance and revisit the application process, just in case you didn’t finish all your applications in the fall. Luckily you still have a bit of time to complete all the important application procedures, including your interviews, before the absolute deadline in the early spring.

If you haven’t completed your applications:

  1. Apply now! Most applications are due between November 1 and March 1.
  2. Craft an amazing college essay to include with your application.
  3. Make sure your high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and SAT or ACT scores are sent to the colleges you’re applying to.

If you have completed your applications:

  1. Contact your prospective colleges to confirm they’ve received all application materials.
  2. If you applied to early decision (ED), you’ll soon get word on whether you’re accepted or not. If you do get accepted, you need to withdraw all applications to other schools.
  3. Verify with your guidance counselor or the Campus Explorer Application Checklist to make sure you’ve completed all necessary application steps.

College Interviews

While most colleges don’t specifically require interviews, oftentimes they’re a good way to show your interest in a particular school and set you apart from other candidates. If you decide to interview, and didn’t get a chance to on your college visits, you’ll need to schedule one as soon as you can – preferably before you’re set free on winter break.

To get the basics on the college interview, visit our Guide to the College Interview.

Interviewing can be an intimidating process, but if you prepare your body and mind, know what will be expected of you, and practice, it can be a rewarding experience. Prepare for your interview, explore common interview questions, and get interview tips with our guide to College Interview: Tips and Techniques.

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