College Plan Timeline:

There’s no need to go on your visits alone. Take a friend or family member and you might gain a new perspective on your college search.

Explore local college campuses to see which types of schools appeal to you.

During the summer of your freshman year, we suggested spending some time on campus to get a feel for what college is like and to see if college is the type of place you see yourself spending four years of your life. Now that you’re no longer a campus novice, it’s time to branch out as you compare college campuses.

But it’s more than just walking around campus and getting a frozen yogurt from the local ice cream shop. To get a real feel for the school, you need to do a little more in depth exploration.

Sophomore College Visits: Tips

To make the most of your college visits, check out these simple tips:

  • Start with colleges you have easy access to. At this point there’s no need to fly anywhere just to get a feel for a campus during the off season.
  • Many schools will still have classes, even in the summer. Take this opportunity to talk with students and maybe a few professors. Ask questions related to your college criteria.
  • Take a guided campus tour to get the inside information you couldn’t get on your own. Maybe you won’t be going to this school, but a tour will give you an idea of what to look for when you go on more extensive college visits.
  • Make note of what types of schools you visit. Are they large or small? Public or private?
  • Schedule an appointment with an admissions representative. Ask them what kinds of questions you should be asking as you proceed in your college search.

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