Community College Scholarships

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By Megan Marsh

Do you think that because you attend a community college, there aren’t any scholarships for you?

A major benefit of attending community colleges is the more manageable tuition.

Think again.

Tuition at community colleges may be more inexpensive than universities, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t financial assistance available.

In addition to private- and government-funded scholarships, many community colleges provide ample support to help you pay for classes, books, and room and board.

Community College Scholarships

A major benefit of attending community colleges is the more manageable tuition, but no school is cheap. For that reason, we’re providing a list of some of the scholarships offered by community colleges.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to opportunities within your own school; most scholarship programs allow community college students to apply, and you should take advantage of these as well.

*Kirkwood Community College Scholarships

Award: Varies
Overview: Kirkwood provides more than $2 million each year in scholarships to its students. There are a variety of individual scholarships, some of which are specific to individual majors. The full list of scholarships is available online.
Requirements/eligibility: All Kirkwood students are eligible to apply for financial assistance.
How to apply: There’s one application for all Kirkwood scholarships. In addition to the application, include a 300-word essay describing your career goals. The deadline is March 31.

*HCC Foundation Scholarships

Award: varies
Overview: The HCC Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support for Houston Community College students.
Requirements/eligibility: Most scholarships require a minimum GPA of 2.0. A list of all the scholarships available and their requirements is available online.
How to apply: Online applications will open in January on the HCC Foundation website. The deadline is May 4.

*Glendale Community College Scholarships

Award: varies
Overview: There are more than 500 scholarships open to Glendale Community College students each year. Though not available to incoming freshmen, you can apply for these scholarships after your first semester.
Requirements/eligibility: Students with a 2.5 GPA and 12 credits at GCC are eligible.
How to apply: There’s one application for all GCC scholarships (available on MyGCC). All materials, including a teacher recommendation, must be submitted online. The deadline for fall and spring is mid-October.

*PCC Foundation Scholarships

Award: varies
Overview: The PCC Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships to Portland Community College students. If you’re attending PCC, this is the place to look for financial assistance. Details on all scholarships are listed online.
Requirements/eligibility: Eligibility varies based on the scholarship, but all PCC students are eligible for assistance. (Check the list for individual scholarship eligibility requirements.) The majority of students who apply receive scholarships.
How to apply: Apply for the scholarship starting on March 14, and are due by April 29.

*Macomb Community College Private Scholarships

Award: varies
Overview: Various private donors provide hundred of scholarships to Macomb Community College students.
Requirements/eligibility: All Macomb Community College students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for financial support. You’re more likely to receive assistance if your FAFSA demonstrates financial need.
How to apply: You can find the general scholarship application at the scholarship’s site.

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