5 Most Secure and Lucrative College Majors

Having job security and a high salary is possible with majors such as nursing and pharmacy.

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A B.A. in pharmacy also qualifies you to be a pharmaceutical sales representative.

With the economy in a precarious position, it's understandable that current college students are thinking ahead. You want to make sure your degree will lead to a career after graduation, and that that career will make you enough money to support your family.

Secure college majors like the ones below not only pay well but they're also consistently in high demand. If you have the necessary skills and training, you could be paid handsomely for your efforts.

5. Nursing

One could argue that nurses are often overworked and underpaid. It’s a very demanding career, but attending a nursing college can lead to a job with security and personal fulfillment. Nurses are a necessary component to any hospital, school, or doctor's office, so your chances of finding a job are fairly good.

You can earn an R.N. certification in as little as two years. But be advised, nurses with a bachelor's degree usually get a higher salary.

Median Salary: $60,000

Related Occupations: Nurse, nursing assistant, and medical secretary

4. Treatment Therapy

Physical therapy careers require an advanced degree, but respiratory, recreational, and radiation therapist positions only need a B.A.

Like nurses, these occupations are in high demand, especially as baby boomers age. Lots of people are reaching retirement age, so it's a good time to find jobs in this field.

Median Salary: $62,000

Related Occupations: Radiation therapist, respiratory therapist, and recreational therapist

3. Management Information Systems

There are a ton of computer science related majors — from the general "comp sci" major to graphic design. Management information systems is one of the most lucrative majors associated with computer science. With this major, you can work with prosperous corporations as an IT tech.

The job description can be anything from helping people with computer problems to managing entire networks. You'll essentially be creating the network that companies use to function most of their technology.

Also, because of the recent push for companies to become more technologically savvy, jobs requiring these kinds of skills are numerous.

In your courses, you'll learn crucial problem solving skills, which can be useful for a variety of jobs, and the necessary computer languages.

Median Salary: $71,000

Related Occupations: IT tech, retail computer expert (like at the Apple store)

2. Electrical Engineering

Engineers are definitely in high demand. Specifically, electrical engineers design, create, and test different electrical devices. They are responsible for a variety of products, from electrical clocks to the software that predicts natural disasters. As a result, there are many in demand electrical engineering jobs.

All engineering degrees are very heavy on math and science. You will take challenging courses and have intense projects. But the payoff may be worth it with electrical engineers making more than most recent college graduates in their first few years on the job.

Median Salary: $86,000

Related Occupations: Network engineer, electrical engineer, IT tech, Technical analyst

1. Pharmacy

Schools that offer pharmacy related majors will often put it under the heading of pharmaceutical science. This broad major will usually give you the opportunity to choose a concentration depending on what you want to do after graduation. For instance, a pharmacist would have a different concentration than a medicinal chemist.

Pharmacy majors have options that go far beyond your local drug store. Because pharmaceuticals are part of one of the fastest growing industries in the country, unemployment for people in this field is much lower than the national average.

Pharmacists work at hospitals, drug stores, schools, HMOs, and research organizations. A B.A. in pharmacy also qualifies you to be a pharmaceutical sales representative. If you like to deal with people and can be particularly persuasive, this high-paying job might be good for you.

Median Salary: $105,000

Related Occupations: Pharmacist, pharmaceutical sales representative, medicinal chemist, research analyst

Quick Tips

  • Internships are a great way to get practical knowledge about different fields. If you're majoring in computer science and want to know more about what different people in your field do after graduation, try to get an internship at a company that interests you.
  • It might be unwise to choose a major solely on how much money you can make. Try also to consider majors that will allow you to take classes you'll enjoy (or at least not hate) and use your talents.

Stats source: Forbes and Savvy Sugar

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