What Are the Most In Demand Careers in 2010?

Find out what jobs top the list this year.

August 16, 2017

Think you need to spend the next several years in colleges and universities getting all sorts of degrees and letters after your name to get a job in 2010? Think again! There are great jobs out there that require only a bachelors degree or an associates degree.

Technically Speaking

The key to keeping an office running smoothly is to make sure the computers stay up and running. This means hiring qualified people in the IT department. Jobs in this area include network administrators, Windows administrators, desktop support personnel and database managers. The administrative positions generally require bachelors degrees in Computer Science, Information Science/Studies or Management Information Systems, especially if you want to work for a larger company. Smaller companies may hire desktop support personnel with associates degrees. Also, consider career colleges as viable options for obtaining desktop support skills, too. Many schools offer online courses and classroom courses on nights and weekends so you can go to school while you work.

Creative Touch

If you have a creative streak and technical skills, consider a career in graphic design. Many companies hire full-time staff for these positions, but the big trend in today’s economy is to hire freelancers on a contract basis to do project work. Freelancers have flexible hours and schedules, so if you’re able to work independently, like being your own boss and prefer to work from home, this could be right for you. Careers in this area include graphic designer, desktop publisher and motion graphics specialist. Many 4-year colleges and universities have visual and fine arts programs that offer specialty areas that cover these careers. There are also many private specialty art schools that can provide you with the background and degree you need to excel in this field.

Covering the Office

Running an efficient office is a key factor in an organization’s success. Whether it’s a busy hospital, a huge factory or a humming corporation, everything needs to run smoothly and the boss relies on people to make sure of it. One of those people could be you. Holding down the fort behind the front desk, keeping the mailroom stocked, making sure HR and accounting have all the help and assistance they need – you’re the person everyone turns to, and that means you play a valuable role. How do you qualify for a position as an office manager? Valuable skills include knowing MS Office, how accounting and HR function, being multilingual, and you know your way around office equipment. Becoming a certified professional secretary or receiving your Microsoft business certification is one way to get ahead in this area, and you can take classes in foreign languages to make your resume stand out. You can find career colleges that have certification programs to meet your needs and junior colleges where you can take language classes individually or as part of an associates degree.

Legally Bound

If the threat of law school bills is dashing your dreams of becoming the next chief justice, don’t fret. You can still be part of the field of law. Instead of law school and all those student loans, think junior college and become a Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Court Reporting or legal secretary. You’ll be working in the legal field and earning a great salary faster than you ever dreamed.

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