Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs for Recent College Graduates

See which positions top the list for highest paying jobs right out of college.

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An entry-level job is a job that doesn’t require any previous work experience, aside from educational experience and some on-the-job training. While the highest paying entry-level jobs have fierce competition, they can set up new college graduates for a successful and fruitful long-term career.

Keep in mind that while these jobs might pay well, they are not known for having many job openings.

Keep in mind that while these jobs might pay well, they are not known for having a wealth of job openings. For a list of the most in demand jobs for new graduates, check out the Best Jobs for Recent College Grads after you finish here.

But for now, let’s take a look at some of the highest paying jobs right out of college and their average starting salaries.

Highest Paying Jobs for Recent College Graduates

  • Pharmaceutical Representative ($59,000) Unlike many of the highest paying jobs on this list, pharmaceutical reps deal with people rather than math or science. Pharmaceutical reps schedule meetings with pharmacists and doctors in attempts to make sure that the drug they represent is one of the first prescribed.
  • Actuary ($79,000) The position of actuary has the rare distinction of being one of the highest paid entry-level jobs for recent college grads AND on the best jobs for recent college grads lists. But what do they do? Actuaries work with companies to assess risk in order to calculate insurance rates. Not the most glamorous position but one that can get you a job and get you paid.
  • Engineer ($72,000) While it’s a difficult road to graduate with a degree in engineering, it can pay off quickly with first-year employees making around $72,000 a year. At their root, engineers solve problems. They might design bridges, or fix wells, or engineer a new type of soy bean. For this hard work, engineers are paid handsomely.
  • Registered Nurse ($47,000) Surprising isn’t it? Registered nurses are among the most highly paid entry-level jobs, and perfect for recent college graduates without extensive experience. Not only that, but the job openings outlook for registered nurses is also favorable in the next 10 years.
  • Investment Banker ($112,000) If you’re a numbers expert who is okay with wearing suits and working long hours, investment banking might be a good choices for you. Although $112,000 goes a long way to repaying student loans, don’t count on having a lot of free time.

Source: Boston.com

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