Types of Health and Fitness Certificate Programs

Learn about different types of health and fitness career training.

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Get fit and help others do the same with a career in fitness.

Depending on what major you choose, you will learn all about healthy human movement, how to prevent injuries when exercising and how to operate exercise equipment. You graduate with a deeper knowledge of how to help others meet their maximum health goals.

When entering a sport and fitness administration certificate program, you are expected to already have substantial knowledge on physical fitness.

Health and Physical Education/Fitness Certificate

It is in everyone's best interest to be in the best physical shape. But not everyone has the time to do their research and find the program that works best for them. With a health and physical education/fitness certificate you learn about nutrition, strength training, exercise equipment operation and how to instruct exercise clients.

If this program piques your interest, you may be interested in the food, nutrition and wellness studies certificate, which has a stronger focus on correctly nourishing your body than exercise. Or, if you are certain of your career path, you could earn an athletic trainer certificate.

With this certificate you can become a fitness club trainer, personal trainer, coach, athletic trainer, a community center coordinator and more.

Sport Psychology Certificate

If you are looking to become a psychologist for big named sports stars and you have no academic or professional experience, you’re going to have to go and earn your PhD in psychology.

However, if you are a professional psychologist you can expand your practice by earning a sport psychology certificate. Sports psychology certificates are usually pursued by coaches, health professionals and fitness instructors who want to better instruct their team or clients.

Sports psychology certificate programs teach you how to build an effective team. You may take courses such as exercise physiology, mind body issues and psychology of coaching. Your program might include an internship in which you can shadow a professional sports psychologist to get an understanding of their work flow.

Kinesiology Certificate

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, a field that is always changing with technology and new exercise discoveries. Before you pursue a kinesiology certificate, you will need to first have a bachelors degree in physical fitness, nutrition, biology, chemistry or a related subject. In the program you learn subjects such as human physical development, nutrition and exercise physiology.

You graduate with a strong knowledge of how the healthiest and most effective ways for the body to move. With this certificate you can get a job such as personal trainer, health instructor or life coach.

Sport and Fitness Administration Certificate

While a sports management certificate isn’t sufficient education for you to manage your favorite football team, it does provide you with basic information that can give you the skills to get an entry-level management position in locations such as health clubs, high school or college, retirement homes or cruise ships.

When entering a sport and fitness administration certificate program, you are expected to already have substantial knowledge on physical fitness. Rather in the program you learn about subjects that pertain specifically to management such as entrepreneurship, finance, customer service and business administration.

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