Colorful in Fall: 7 Beautiful Campuses

Colorful in Fall: 7 Beautiful Campuses

Check out some of the most gorgeous college campuses that change with the seasons.

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Want to attend a college that looks like a gorgeous fall ad in a magazine? We bet you do. Check out these schools.

These college campuses are already pretty attractive on their own, but when you throw in photograph-worthy foliage, they start looking like backdrop material for an Old Navy ad. Now all we need is you laughing in the foreground looking cozy in a cable knit sweater.

1. University of Chicago

At the University of Chicago you don’t have to choose between the excitement of city life and the serenity of seasons – they’ve sandwiched the two together for you pretty nicely.

2. College of William and Mary

Autumn isn’t the worst time in the world to bike the trails that run through William and Mary’s woods in Williamsburg, VA.

3. Harvard University

To experience Cambridge, MA at its most autumn-azing (see what we did there?) check out the Head of the Charles crew race that takes place every October on the Charles River at Harvard University.

4. Portland State University

If Portland’s beautiful fall foliage makes you crave a good seasonal beer, we don’t blame you – you’re only human, after all. Luckily, Portland happens to be one of the best college brew towns in the U.S. Now doesn’t that work out nicely?

5. Indiana University

Bloomington may not be the most exciting city we’ve ever set foot in, but we have to give it credit for its anything-but-boring autumn scenery on campus at Indiana University.

6. University of Washington

Seattle’s University of Washington is quite a site to behold in the fall, as is the foliage in the nearby Japanese Garden.

7. Dartmouth College

At Dartmouth in Hanover, NH, the fall foliage pretty seriously covers campus walls. Hey guys, we hear that windows are kind of useless if you can’t even see out of them.

So, have you signed a modeling contract with Old Navy yet? No? You might want to get on that ASAP – these leaves won’t stick around forever and you can't miss an opportunity for ad-worthy fall moment.

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