We know it’s tempting to try to do your third period homework during second period, but you should resist this temptation; you won’t have this option in college.

As your peers are losing momentum, refocus your study habits and finish the year off right.

As your freshman year winds down, you might have the urge to take a couple days off, miss a few assignments, blow off a couple tests. But any college admissions expert would tell you that your freshman year grades are an integral part of your admission to a good college.

So don’t do those things.

Easier said than done, you say. And it’s true. Many freshman tend to lose focus and momentum this time of year. Remind yourself that these are the first grades on your official transcript that will be passed around to all the colleges you apply to.

Developing Your Study Habits

While you might think study habits just relate to taking tests, in fact you should think of them as anything that will help you get better grades (and learn more of course). Here are some things that will help you stay on track:

  • Learn about your GPA and class rank. These measures greatly impact your college admission so it’s first necessary to get a handle on what they mean exactly.
  • Manage your time. Set aside a specific block of time every night for studying or homework assignments.
  • Avoid distractions. Pick a place and time that won’t tempt you to answer texts from friends or have the TV in the background.
  • Organize your life. Later we will talk about college organization, but right now you need to focus on organizing your high school life. The important part isn’t owning a planner, it’s actually writing down your assignments/tests into that planner.

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