10 Career Sites for New Graduates

Looking for a job or some contacts to have in your arsenal after your graduate? These sites will help you take your career to the next level.

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Idealist specializes in listing work and volunteer options for people interested in the nonprofit industry.

After you’ve earned that prized bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, heading out into the real world of the job market might seem horrifying. Luckily, you live in an age where there are thousands of online resources to help you find that entry-level job or at the very least, a paid internship.

Whether you’re looking to do some professional social networking or hoping to join a job search website that doesn’t bombard your inbox with spam, there are a number of Websites you can choose to use to jumpstart your career.

Most Popular and Free Career Resources

  • It’s safe to say that LinkedIn is the largest social-networking site that’s strictly for professionals. After you create your LinkedIn profile, which is essentially an online resume, you can connect with colleagues at your university as well as former bosses or co-workers. If you’re looking for a job, LinkedIn’s groups are perfect for you, because they provide forums of people with similar interests that can give you career advice, connect you with people who are hiring and introduce you to people in your industry wherever you live.
  • Facebook and Twitter might not seem like the most natural resources to help you find a job, but believe it or not, these sites are just as effective as many job search sites. Following or “liking” businesses you have an interest in working for are some of the best ways to stay on top of which companies are hiring. If your profiles on these sites contain information that isn’t professional you may want to stray from using them as a job resource, however, you could always open a second account for professional use only.
  • Indeed is similar to LinkedIn in that it allows you to create a purely professional profile, however, there are definitely more bells and whistles with this site. Along with being a job search engine, Indeed also has tools that can show you trends, highlighting which industries are doing well, a salary search, so you know what kind of salary you’re looking at for that dream job, as well as forums, so you can communicate with other people in your industry. This site will also do some of the legwork for you by sending you daily emails with open positions specific to your job search.
  • Monster is one of the best job search sites on the Internet. Not only to they have an excellent and comprehensive job search engine, but they also feature a number of different resources to help you become a networking, job-getting machine! One of their newest features, BeKnown, is a feature that combines Monster and Facebook in an effort to help you get the most out of the connections you currently have through Facebook. And best of all, this application makes sure that your professional things on Facebook don’t get muddled with your private information.

Career Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

  • NetParty focuses solely on networking — and makes it feel more like a party! With services in a number of different major metropolitan areas in the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America, NetParty is a great resource for people who have just moved to a new area or people who are looking to expand contacts in their industry.
  • Biznik is a niche site for independent business people who are looking for a community of like-minded workers — or as their slogan says, “Going it Alone, Together.” Along with a community, the site also provides articles for members to read up on the latest news in business and events in a number of different cities across the U.S.
  • The Wall Street Journal Career Page might not be the first website you think of when searching for jobs, but this site provides an extensive database of jobs, along with all of the most recent business news. We can’t think of a much better combination.
  • Idealist specializes in listing work and volunteer options for people interested in the nonprofit industry. They currently have 8,000 jobs and 13,000 volunteer opportunities listed on their site. If you don’t know mucha about career options in the nonprofit industry, Idealist is a great resource. One of their goals is to help people learn about all they can about nonprofits.
  • The last option on our list is corporate websites. While this isn’t one site in particular, many new professionals do not realize that they can sign up for job alerts in the careers section of their favorite companies. Staying up to date with the latest open positions can help increase your chances of landing a gig.

While most of these sites require you to create an account, for all of the sites listed above this is a free feature. Some have memberships you can opt to pay for, such as a LinkedIn premium membership, but as a new graduate these priced memberships aren’t necessarily worth the extra cost. It’s often best to just dedicate a certain number of hours a week to applying for jobs with the tools that are free.

Quick Tips

  • There are a number of different niche professional sites that allow job seekers or professionals to get to know their local colleagues. A simple web search for organizations you’re interested in can provide you with more options than you may realize.
  • While some of these sites may seem like groups of fun professionals, always keep in mind that whatever you put on the Internet will last forever. Don’t write or display anything you might regret later.
  • Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to network. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and if you just moved to a new area, networking can help you find more than just a job — it can also help you make new friends.

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