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College fairs are great ways to make personal connections with college representatives. Make sure you introduce yourself and grab a business card from each before you leave.

Expand your college knowledge by attending information sessions and college fairs.

While you won’t find any rides and performers and cotton candy at college fairs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as interesting as the fairs you normally think about. In the place of rides and prizes are admissions representatives and college counselors. Maybe not quite as fun, but they’re exactly what you need to help you figure out where you’ll want to spend four years after high school.

What are college fairs anyway?

Remember when you had to make a science project for the science fair? And you had your little booth where you talked to passersby about your volcano or terrarium or whether people can tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke? Picture that, only instead of middle school kids talking about (pseudo)science, there are college officials from schools across the country ready to talk to you about admission requirements, financial aid, sports, and anything else you’re interested in.

Who attends college fairs?

Who goes to college fairs? Students like you do of course. But additionally, colleges across the country send representatives to find motivated students like you. Remember, colleges are in the business of finding ideal candidates, so college fairs are great ways for them to recruit excellent students.

College fairs are perfect for any high school student who isn’t sure where they want to go yet, but wants to ask specific questions to someone who knows their stuff.

Where are college fairs?

College fairs occur pretty much everywhere and are quite popular for the reasons discussed above. Your high school counselor can set you up or just hop online and find/register for one yourself. For example, here’s a greater Los Angles college fair. Or how about the Honolulu National College Fair? They are all over the place, just make sure you register to attend beforehand.

College Fairs: Tips

  • Prepare a game plan. College fairs can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle and just grab flyers from every college. Find out which schools will be there and target only the ones you’re most interested in.
  • Make a list of questions you want answered. They can be about scholarships, student organizations, even social life. When making this list, keep in mind your college criteria. No need asking questions whose answers you don’t care about.
  • Follow-up thank you notes are a great way to show you’re interested in a college. Improve your standing with the schools you liked by building a connection with the representatives.

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