Should You Join a Sorority?

Should You Join a Sorority?

Consider the pros and cons of sorority life before your rush.

Once you've chosen your college class schedule, many young women start to wonder if they should join a sorority to develop a social community. While joining a sorority is not for everyone, many women who have joined sororities consider it to be a fun and very influential experience.

There are many factors to consider when deciding if you should rush and pledge a sorority. Take a look at some of the following aspects of sorority life and figure out whether joining a sorority is right for you.

Benefits of Becoming a Sorority Sister

There are a lot of advantages to joining a sorority. First and foremost it is an established and very close social group. Especially at large colleges, finding friends, people who share similar interests and peers you enjoy spending time with can be difficult to find. A sorority has all of these things built in.

Sorority recruitment, informally known as “rushing,” is a process where you get to spend time with many sorority members, so you usually know who you’re going to like. You don’t have to worry about not knowing whether you’ll be able to make friends because you might have already made them during recruitment.

In addition to finding friends, mentors and networking opportunities, sororities are largely service and philanthropic organizations. You can do a lot of good for your college and the community, and sometimes volunteering and service can be great for resumes and career building.

The Downsides of Sorority Life

It’s important to remember that many sororities don’t conform to negative stereotypes, but there is still some truth to certain aspects of sorority life. If you don’t like to party, you can still have lots of fun at a sorority, but you will need to put up with loud, often frequent parties.

Hazing, time management issues and temptations with drugs and alcohol are also usually mentioned when talking about sororities. Sororities themselves have strict no hazing, no illegal behavior policies. Still, many of these activities happen within college Greek culture, and it is up to the individual to be responsible for herself.

Other Pros and Cons for Sororities:

Think of these other factors when you ask yourself “Should I join a sorority?”


  • Cost of living at the sorority is often cheaper than dorm housing.
  • There is always a party, volunteer opportunity, or event going on.
  • Sororities offer a strong support network when times are tough.


  • You must be very strict about time management to maintain academic responsibility.
  • Sorority dues can be very expensive.
  • Living in sorority house often means you won’t have the privacy you’d get if you lived in regular housing.
  • Finding the right sorority house culture can be tough.

No matter what you decide, college is all about taking classes and making friends. You'll find a community in all the activities you do!


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