College TV and Video

College television stations exist across the country. Get an inside look at how student TV stations are run and who runs them.

Did you know that your college likely has its own 24/7 television station?

If you’re looking to pursue a career in TV and media after graduation, joining your campus TV station would allow you to gain experience in all the different departments that work together to make successful programming, including pre- and post-production and hosting.

If you are interested in getting involved with student television, check your school’s website and see if you can attend a meeting.

Some stations, such as Wheaton College’s WETN, started out as radio stations. As televisions became more commonplace in American households, eventually it began broadcasting video as well. Other schools have separate television and radio stations.

Check with your school to learn the exact relationship between radio and TV.

Campus Television Programming

Your high school might have produced its own student television. However, these stations usually stick to news and updates. While you can still get information about current happenings on your campus, college TV programming is much more varied and diverse. Columbia University’s CTV station includes round-table talk shows and comedic series. 

You can watch all kinds of events that are happening on your campus, such as sports events, concerts, guest speakers and graduation.

Student video is also a great way to help you with your classwork. As an underclassman, you can prepare for exams without leaving your dorm room. CTV airs review sessions for Columbia’s core classes once a semester.

Best Schools for College Video

Columbia College in Chicago is consistently rated as one of the top television and media schools in the country, in large part because it is the largest private arts and media university in America. Frequency TV, the college’s official television station, won the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters Best On-Campus TV station award.

Other schools that were rated to have strong college television stations and media programs include New York University, Pepperdine University, Ithaca College and the University of Southern California. Obviously, in the case of USC and other Los Angeles-based colleges, the proximity and access to Hollywood provides students with a host of on and off-campus opportunities for television and media.

Campus TV and the Internet

If you don’t own a television, there are other means for you to still catch your favorite shows. Many colleges are using the Internet as an additional way to broadcast to students.

Frequency TV posts all episodes of its hugely popular “Freq Out” variety show online. Ithaca College’s ICTV 16 records some of its content as podcasts. Wheaton College students can stream WETN programming live online. You may also be able to find clips of shows posted on YouTube.

If you are interested in getting involved with student television, check your school’s website and see if you can attend a meeting. You don’t have to be a media major to contribute, and in many cases your classmates will be happy to provide you with the appropriate training and information needed.

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