Hot Careers in Criminal Justice

Hot Careers in Criminal Justice

Learn more about career opportunities in criminal justice.

Careers in criminal justice and law enforcement can range from enforcing order on city streets to working on legal cases. If you’re concerned about safety and security and adhering to our nation’s laws, this could be the right field for you.

Completing a degree program in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement allows you to embark on a challenging and rewarding career as a police officer, paralegal or private investigator, as well as a variety of other careers. The type of program depends on the career you choose; in some cases, you need an associates degree, and in others a bachelors degree or masters degree.

These rewarding careers are needed even during a tough economy, which is one reason why they’re expected to be in especially high demand in 2010. Learn more about popular careers in criminal justice below.

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Entering this career field allows you work in police departments, sheriff’s departments and private protective services, among other criminal justice agencies. In order to enter these careers, you need to study criminal justice theories and practices. Learn more about criminal justice and law enforcement.

Popular Security and Protective Service Majors:


Forensic science applies scientific knowledge and analysis to legal issues, like evidence at crime scenes. Its growing popularity as career is sometimes attributed to the fact that it is often the subject of TV dramas and in detective novels. While the reality of a forensics career may not be as glamorous as it appears on TV, it is a rewarding and growing field.

Popular Forensics Majors:

General Criminal Justice

A career in criminal justice begins with a college degree. Entry-level positions generally require an associates degree, while higher-level positions can require a bachelors degree, masters degree or doctorate degree. Depending on the area you’d like to enter, you can enroll in an academy dedicated to that field, an online school, or a college or university that offers majors in Criminal Justice. Learn more about criminal justice careers.

Popular Criminal Justice Majors:


Within the field of corrections, you can have a career as a corrections officer or prison warden, as well as work in administration or human resources for corrections institutions. In a Corrections program, you receive hands-on training as well as rehabilitation philosophies and instruction in criminal justice. In many cases, you will need a bachelors degree for a corrections career. Learn more about corrections colleges.

Popular Security and Protective Services Majors:

Security Services

Security is always a concern, so a security services career is always in high demand. In this position, you monitor organizations, property or individuals to keep them safe through providing inspections, patrolling and offering crime prevention services. Learn more about security services colleges.

Popular Security and Protective Services Majors:

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