DIY Holiday Decor: 5 Festive Dorm Ideas

DIY Holiday Decor: 5 Festive Dorm Ideas

Celebrate the holidays while in college with DIY decorations for your dorm room.

By Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Sure your living space is small and resources limited, but that doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of holiday cheer to your dorm room or off-campus apartment. Why not rely on a few of these budget-friendly, festive holiday decorating tips to lend some do-it-yourself seasonal spirit to your college life?

These fun holiday decor projects will have you humming holiday tunes in no time.

1. Have Fun With Feathers

Candy Weston of Vermont-based Weston Designs adds a bit of flair to her holiday design by using a cheap, foam ring and two feather boas made from festive colors to decorate her front door.

Choose green, red, blue, white or another holiday color and wrap the boas around the ring, securing the ends to the back of the ring with glue or twist ties. Add a bow to the middle of the wreath or dangle an ornament from the inside center for an extra, optional touch.

Hang the wreath in your room or on your dorm door for everyone to enjoy! "It's so unexpected, and very tactile and edgy," Weston said. "This is an affordable, fun project that would spice up any dorm room."

2. Find Discount Holiday Decor

Decorating experts Bob Ranga and Debi Staron, who go by the name Dr. Christmas, said inexpensive retail stores can be the perfect spot for a college student to pick up some holiday cheer without breaking his or her budget. The two suggest picking up inexpensive ornaments and using them to fill up a clear bowl or cookie jar that can be placed in the center of a live or artificial wreath. Add some lights and "you've got instant Christmas," the duo said.

3. Rely on Ribbons

"Ribbons can be used in a variety of ways from bows to streamers hanging from the ceiling," said Dr. Christmas. "If you have a tree, then cut the ribbon into various strips and weave them throughout the tree. The effect is awesome and you don't need to spend a lot of money."

Ribbon can also be streamed around the frame of a door or woven around bed posts for a festive effect. You can also decorate a small tree with photographs of friends or holiday cards that can easily be tied on branches with the ribbon of your choice.

4. Use Naughty, but Nice Decorations

If the setting is appropriate and you are living off campus, then consider giving your apartment a true college vibe by using wire to string together used beer cans and line a small tree or wall space. "(Go ahead and) remember all those fun college parties," said Dr. Christmas. Now that's sustainable and full of spirit!

5. Add Small Bits of Spirit

Don't forget that little touches, like a dish of decorative wrapped candies or holiday-themed scented candles, will also help to bring a bit of cheer to your dorm space. The additions might seem minor, but you'll be surprised how quickly they will welcome the holiday spirit into your living space.

Quick Tips

  • Make a simple, festive wreath with a foam ring and seasonally-colored feathers.
  • Visit discount stores for budget-friendly holiday decor, like ornaments and ribbon.
  • Add small touches to your dorm space, like seasonal candles and candies.

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