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Are you having trouble getting the classes you want? Check out our guide to getting into college classes.

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It takes students an average of four years to earn a bachelor’s degree. That’s four years of you enrolling in college classes, taking out student loans and finding something you are interested in. With all the time and money spent investing in a college degree, you should at least be able to register for classes that you like. But often classes fill up before you even know they exist. There is plenty you can do to put yourself ahead of the pack when going through registration.

How to Register for College Classes Successfully

It’s no secret that good schools attract lots of students, and that means competition during the class registration period. Some of college registration is beyond your control. For example, colleges almost always give priority to upperclassmen before they allow lowerclassmen to enroll in classes.

If you’re a freshman, this can be disheartening, but there are still effective ways to find classes you like.

Most importantly, be organized. Register as early as possible. Students are given a list of college classes and a specific time when they are allowed to begin registration for classes. All this takes place well in advance of when college registration actually begins. Remember your time, mark it in your calendar, set an alarm, or do something to keep it in your memory.

Don’t be one of those students who complain that she can never get the classes she wants, but then ends up forgetting about registration dates!

After You’ve Registered for Classes

Once you’ve registered, that doesn’t mean it’s all over. Attend the first few meetings of the class you’re interested in taking. It may seem like extra work, but students often drop out or don’t show up, and if you can prove to the professor teaching the course that you are willing to come to class, you might be allowed to enroll.

Be persistent. Take matters into your own hands. Email the professor of the course you want to take before school starts and let her know you plan to come to class and try to get in. This will help differentiate you from the rest of the people trying to do the same thing. Many students just show up and expect the teacher to add them to the course, but if you let your professor know in advance, she might look more favorably on you.

Professors Can Help You Register for College Classes

If you’ve already declared a major, spend some time hanging around your department. If you meet a professor outside of class, take the time to introduce yourself. Professors are often allowed to enroll more people than the stated class size, and they might do this for people they know. Get to know your professors, and they will often accommodate you. This is the ultimate competitive advantage in being able to enroll in a class you want.

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