6 Twitter Accounts to Follow During College Applications

6 Twitter Accounts to Follow During College Applications

Survive application season with a little social media.


Follow the admissions offices of the schools you’re applying to for details on upcoming deadlines, prospective student events, and when decision letters will be mailed.

Filling out college applications can make any student’s head spin. As deadlines creep closer, even filling in your home address might seem like the wrong answer. But don’t assume every question is a trick just yet – social media can be the key to getting past college application woes.

Finding application help can be as simple as jumping on Twitter. It’s where you can find insider info about the application and admissions processes. We found six college-focused Twitter users, aside from @CampusExplorer of course, who share excellent application help in 140 characters or less.

1. College Board: @CollegeBoard

Typical tweet: "College requirements vary but most institutions review SAT scores."

What they tweet about: SAT scores, test dates, and building your college list.

Follow College Board if: you're still battling the SAT monster -- or you need some advice on what to do with your scores. College Board also takes student question via Twitter; don’t be afraid to pick their brain.

2. IvyWise: @IvyWise

Typical tweet: "Happy October! Seniors: you should be completing all your college essays, especially in time for any early decision deadlines! #collegeapplications"

What they tweet about: tips on when and how to fill out every kind of application; they also tweet an SAT word of the day.

Follow IvyWise if: you need help keeping your applications on track.

3. The Common Application: @CommonApp

Typical tweet: "Looking for the 'Preview' link? Make sure you're not in the 'Future Plans' section."

What they tweet about: everything you need to know about using the Common Application. They love chatting with students, so take advantage of their insider tips.

Follow The Common Application if: you're applying to any schools with the Common App.

4. FAFSA (The Free Application for Student Aid): @FAFSA

Typical tweet: "Need to know how to make changes to your FAFSA? Find out here."

What they tweet about: All the crucial FAFSA information you’ll need, from deadlines to tips on understanding questions.

Follow FAFSA if: you want the government scoop on financial aid forms.

5. Nancy Berk: @NancyBerk

Typical tweet: "#College Bound & Gagged: My parent survival guide for #CollegeAdmissions."

What she tweets about: advice for parents who are more stressed than their college-student-to-be.

Follow Nancy if: you want to calm your parents' application woes.

6. Carrie Peck: @CollegeNews4You

Typical tweet: "College Knowledge: 28% of UC and 55% of CSU grads started at a CA community college."

What she tweets about: interesting tidbits on what’s happening during application season; she shares how colleges are surviving application season and what kinds of students they’re receiving apps from.

Follow Carrie if: you love catching up on the latest college news – and want to know what your competition (aka the rest of the applicant pool) is up to.

Quick Tips

  • Follow the admissions offices of the schools you’re applying to for details on upcoming deadlines, prospective student events, and when decision letters will be mailed.
  • Ask questions on Twitter – users such as the ones above are very willing to answer any and every question.
  • Don’t be shy about sharing Twitter info with your parents. They’re just as nervous as you, so share what you learn online.

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