Best School Spirit: Colleges and Universities With Fanfare

Find out which schools have well-known sports teams and school spirit.

School spirit is all about pride in your entire school. Sure, some people may love the football team, and others think their school’s English program is the best, but true school spirit is about cheering for the school’s ping pong team a week after never even knowing it existed, just because it has your school colors on the uniform.

So what makes a school full of spirit? Well, it helps if they are in a great college town. A school that is part of the town’s culture will get the whole place involved. School spirit isn’t just for students! It’s really great if a school supports all of their sports programs, too, not just the best ones.

A school that is part of the town’s culture will get the whole place involved.

School Spirit Is Part of the Culture

College sports towns are notorious for having colleges with lots of school spirit. Take the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, for example. The Wolverines play in a stadium that seats 106,201 and seats fill up fast. Not only do the students love their school, but the whole town does as well. Forbes ranked Ann Arbor, MI as the top college town in America for having great public schools, affordable housing prices, and a low crime rate.

Of course, The Ohio State University would like to disagree with that ranking. As the Wolverines’ top rivals, OSU has also ingrained itself into the heart of its city - Columbus, Ohio. The fans from Columbus have cheered the Buckeyes on to national championships in football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics— and even synchronized swimming.

School Spirit Is About Supporting All Sports

True fans will cheer for their school even if they have no clue about what sport they’re playing. The University of Kentucky supports the Wildcats in every sport they play. Sure, UK has a great basketball program, but did you know that they have won the UCA Division 1-A Cheerleading Championship more times than any other school? They also just won their first NCAA championship in Rifle.

And what about cheering for sports teams that aren’t very good? No one likes to brag about sports teams that don’t win much; except for schools like the University of Nebraska. Despite having never won a single game in an NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Cornhuskers have strong merchandise sales and game attendance.

Community College School Spirit

The best fans for college sports don’t always have to be at major universities. Community colleges can have plenty of school spirit, like the Corsairs of Santa Monica College. As the number one transfer school in the country, a lot of students are singing the praises of their favorite city college, and having 16 sports and some of the best teams in the Western State Conference doesn’t hurt either.

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