4 Best Colleges for Chemistry Majors

Find out which schools are the most popular among students looking to study chemistry.

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Have you thought about pursuing a degree in chemistry? If so, you should do your research before sending out your college applications. Find out which schools are the most popular among chemistry majors to help you make a decision. We’ve gathered the tuition rates for these schools as well to help you plan for your college education.

4. University of Florida: $5,656 (residents), $27,933 (non-residents)

Popular for its low in-state tuition, the University of Florida (UF) has two options for students looking to receive a BS in Chemistry. The first is the standard chemistry track, while the second offers a focus in biochemistry. UF also has a great undergraduate research program that facilitates independent study with a faculty member.

3. University of Washington: $10,574 (residents), $28,058 (non-residents)

The University of Washington offers undergraduate degrees in both chemistry and biochemistry. The program is so popular that students are only admitted through competitive admission. Once in the program, however, students have great opportunities for mentoring, tutoring, research projects, internships, scholarships and awards.

2. University of California, Berkeley: $11,767 (residents), $34,645 (non-residents)

The University of California, Berkeley (also known as Cal) offers BS degrees in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Biology. They also have a BA degree in Chemistry (which is great for future teachers) along with joint major programs: chemical engineering/materials science and engineering and chemical engineering /nuclear engineering. Cal also has a unique initiative called the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, which utilizes collaborative scholarship in an effort to advance sustainable chemistry.

1. University of California, San Diego: $12,128 (residents); $35,006 (non-residents)

Last but not least is the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). When it comes to options for undergrad chemistry degrees, this college is hard to beat. UCSD offers BS degrees in the following subjects: chemistry, biochemistry, chemical education, chemical physics, environmental chemistry, pharmacological chemistry, molecular synthesis and bioinformatics. As part of their undergraduate program, chemistry majors can participate in an internship or take Chemistry 199, a course that facilitates research with hands-on lab experience.

Quick Facts

  • Among the many career options for chemistry majors are positions as a research and development scientist, a clinical laboratory scientist, a teacher, a pharmaceutical representative, a technical writer or a government worker with the EPA, DOT, DPH or DNS.
  • Some chemistry majors go on to pursue a MS or PhD in chemistry at graduate school.
  • A chemistry major can also be a stepping stone to medical, dental, pharmacy or veterinary school.

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