7 Most Popular Colleges in Louisiana

The Deep South offers a great education from schools with well-known alumni including Jerry Springer and Lyndon Johnson.

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Louisiana usually brings to mind thoughts of farmland and Mardi Gras. But the Pelican State also has several large colleges that offer an affordable, quality education. Each of these schools has notable alumni and fun experiences for students to enjoy outside of the classroom.

7. Tulane University

Type of College: Private University

Enrollment: 10,125

Cost: $45,240

Best Programs: Business, Biology, Psychology, and English Literature

Fun Fact: Former Tulane alumni include Newt Gingrich, Jerry Springer, and creator of the show Entourage Douglas Ellin.

6. Louisiana Tech University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 10,564

Cost: In-state: $5,871, Out-of-state: $13,020

Best Programs: Engineering, Education, Health-related Programs, and Business

Fun Fact: Louisiana Tech is located in a friendly southern town surrounded by parks, lakes, and mountain bike trails. Students have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a selective college in a rural setting.

5. University of New Orleans

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 11,363

Cost: In-state: $5,257, Out-of-state: $16,781

Best Programs: Business, Engineering, and Education

Fun Fact: UNO has the top naval architecture and marine engineering program by size in the country.

4. Delgado Community College, West Jefferson

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 13,210

Cost: In-state: $98.80 per credit, Out-of-state: $238.60 per credit

Best Programs: Nursing, Massage Therapy, Veterinary Technology, Pharmacy Technician

Fun Fact: Delgado Community College offers courses approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for maritime employees, specifically for those getting training in marine fire fighting, industrial safety and hazardous material.

3. Southeastern Louisiana University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 14,744

Cost: In-state: $4,604, Out-of-state: $14,109

Best Programs: Education, Psychology, Management and Business Administration, and History and Political Science

Fun Fact: Of all state universities, Southeastern is the second largest provider of distance education — a great option for students looking for a flexible education.

2. University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 16,345

Cost: In-state: $4,864, Out-of-state: $13,486

Best Programs: Moving Image Arts, Political Science, Engineering, and Business Administration

Fun Fact: According to the U.S. Department of Education's College Affordability and Transparency List, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the most affordable school in Louisiana.

1. Louisiana State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 28,628

Cost: In-state: $6,354, Out-of-state: $19,362

Best Programs: Business, Education, Engineering, and Coast and Environment

Fun Fact: Famous LSU alumni include Lyndon Johnson's vice president Hubert Humphrey and NBA star Shaquille O'Neal.

Quick Facts

  • Louisiana's 529 College Savings Plan is an excellent way for parents to start saving for their child's education. Parents can set up qualified savings accounts for the children and the State of Louisiana will match a percentage of the deposits made into those accounts.
  • Want to find out what other schools are in Louisiana or are close to your home? Use our College Search Tool.

Stats source: CollegeStats and U.S. News and World Report.

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