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Keep in mind that AP courses alone won’t help you place out of college courses. You must also succeed on AP tests.

Use your junior year to construct a strong senior schedule and a stellar student portfolio.

Admissions boards don’t care about what font you type your essay in or how many hours a day you can play Call of Duty. They do care, however, about what classes you take your senior year, and if you successfully pull together an impressive high school resume by the time you graduate.

Use these Campus Explorer approved tips, along with the help of your guidance counselor if you can get it, to schedule an amazing senior schedule:

  • Keep in mind requirements of schools on your college list. If Florida State requires at least two years of foreign language, now’s the time to sign up for Senora Lee’s Spanish class.
  • Sign up for honors and AP courses. A challenging schedule demonstrates that you’re no mental slouch. Plus AP classes can help you skip out on some college classes.
  • Make sure you’re on track to graduate. You don’t want to have all this college search work for nothing.
  • Skip the easy electives. Unfortunately senior year isn’t as breezy as some people make it out to be. Admissions boards take your senior schedule into consideration so an easy course load isn’t going to do you any favors.

Your senior year is only a segment of your overall educational resume. In addition to course work, if you’re applying to art or design programs, you need to consider expanding your portfolios for admissions and scholarship opportunities. This is a generic way of saying you need to come up with some tangible ways of showing how awesome you are.

Some things you might need for your portfolio:

  • Audition tapes
  • Writing samples
  • Photographs
  • Project details
  • Sketches, paintings, artwork
  • Digital media
  • Architectural drawings

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