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Get a better grasp of common reading programs by reading "What Is a College Summer Reading Program?"

See if you college has a suggested summer reading list, orientation or other ways to prepare for college coursework.

The transition from high school student to college student can sometimes be a bumpy one. Most of the time, college coursework demands more time, effort, and preparation than your standard high school class.

But how can you adequately prepare for this new level of academic commitment?

Summer Reading/Assignments for Coursework

Like AP courses you took while in high school, many college courses have required summer reading that helps students prepare for the first day of classes. Depending on which college you’re attending and what classes you sign up for, you might find yourself floating in this summer reading boat.

Summer Reading Programs

Many colleges, as part of their freshman orientation, are starting to incorporate common summer reading lists that promote a common interest among new students. Patricia Telles-Irvin from the University of Florida gives a good explanation of the program’s intent: “We are trying to provide our large first-year class with a common intellectual base, and promote certain values about leadership, ethics, and service.”

Colleges like UC – Berkeley, Bates College, Swarthmore, Harvard, North Carolina, Boise State, and, of course Florida, all have summer reading programs.

When students arrive on campus for orientation, they can discuss and connect with other students based on their interpretations of the reading. Check with your school to see if they have a common summer reading program you can participate in.

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