Michigan Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

Michigan Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

Check out Michigan financial aid programs to help fund your college education.

Michigan Financial Aid

Financial aid in Michigan comes in many forms and may be used towards a number of state and private colleges and universities such as, the University of Michigan, Lake Michigan College or Hillsdale College. Residents who are in need of help funding their college tuition at a Michigan college or university should first turn to state scholarships, grants and student loans.

Michigan Scholarships and Grants

Michigan residents should first search for scholarships and grants provided by the state before looking for outside sources. Michigan scholarships are based on financial need, merit or a combination of the two. Use the Campus Explorer Scholarship Search to find Michigan scholarships.

Here is a list of the currents scholarships and grants offered by Michigan Higher Education Student Loan Authority (MHESLA):

  1. Children of Veterans Tuition Grant: Children of Michigan veterans are eligible for this scholarship of $2,800 per academic year for full-time students. Three-quarter and half-time students receive a smaller portion. This grant can be renewed for four academic years and total up to $11,200.
  2. GEAR UP Michigan! Scholarship: In an effort to increase the amount of low-income students from Michigan that can afford a college education, Michigan state created this scholarship. Only students from the determined areas of Detroit, Muskegon and Flint are eligible.
  3. Michigan Competitive Scholarship: Undergraduate students who demonstrate academic merit, financial need and are enrolled at least half time at an approved Michigan community college, public college or private college or university.
  4. Michigan Tuition Grant: Specifically for Michigan students who are enrolled at least half time at an eligible independent Michigan college or university. The award amounts to $1,610 per academic year.
  5. Tuition Incentive Program (TIP): Students who receive Medicaid 36 months before they enroll in the 6th grade will automatically receive this scholarship as an incentive to keep them in school. Students who receive this award must return the form before they graduate from high school or before their 20th birthday.
  6. Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship: A federally funded program administered by the State of Michigan, Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG). This $1,500 award is merit-based and can be applied towards any eligible college or university in Michigan or out-of-state.

Scholarships from Michigan Colleges and Universities

Michigan colleges and universities understand that their tuition rates are out-of-reach for some students. This is why they offer school-sponsored scholarships to students who meet financial, merit, racial, sports, or special talent requirements. The following schools offer unique scholarship opportunities:

Additionally, among many other scholarships the University of Michigan offers the Alumnae Council Scholarships to students who have met the required academic achievement and financial need. Lansing Community College offers Athletic Scholarships to students who have superior athletic skills. Students must contact the coaches in their respective sports in order to be considered for this scholarship.

Students planning to attend college in Michigan should also consider the city in which they go to college because cities with a greater number of colleges tend to have more financial aid available. The top five cities in Michigan with the largest number of colleges are Grand Rapids, Detroit, Flint, Southfield and Kalamazoo.

Other Scholarships in Michigan

After searching for scholarships administered by the state, Michigan students should then look for scholarships and grants offered by private and public nonprofit community organizations. Often a community organization will have a scholarship foundation to help the families they serve afford a college education. This list of scholarships and grants is not comprehensive, so do some sleuthing to find out other organizations in your area that offer college scholarships:

  1. Kalamazoo Promise: Offered exclusively to students who attend Kalamazoo Public Schools and who are enrolled in a public state university or community college can use this scholarship to pay for up to 100% of their tuition. The longer the students has been at a Kalamazoo Public School, the more aid they are eligible to receive.
  2. Grand Rapids Community Foundation Scholarships: Several scholarships are offered mostly to Kent County residents who are attending college in Michigan.
  3. Michigan Association of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT): Members of the MAVT must complete and essay to be eligible for this $500 scholarship.
  4. Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF): Offers three separate scholarships to girls interested in pursuing a degree in information technology. One of their special grants offers $3,000 and a computer laptop and printer to three deserving students.
  5. Dan Gerber, Sr. Medallion Scholarship: A renewable scholarship that awards $8,000 over the course of the students’ undergraduate college education. It is provided to students graduating from one of the five school districts in Newaygo County, Michigan. Students must have a 3.7 GPA or higher.
  6. Michigan Retailers Association: High school seniors and college freshman, sophomores and juniors who have parents that are members of the Michigan Retailers Association may apply. The award amounts $500 for students enrolled in community college and $1,000 for students enrolled in a public or private college or university.
  7. Michigan Association of Realtors (MAR) Scholarship: An award amounting to $2,000 to undergraduate and graduate students who are attending classes that will lead to a career in real estate.
  8. Education Association (MEA) Scholarship: A scholarship based on a combination of merit and financial need available to children who are members of the MEA.

Michigan Student Loans

MHESLA provides information and resources to students looking to finance part of their education with student loans. This organization provides government and private loans to Michigan residents and those attending school in Michigan.

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