Best Cities for Internships

Best Cities for Internships

Are you a recent college grad looking for a high-quality internship? Find out where you can go to get the best internships in the country.

Make sure you keep in contact with your bosses and supervisors at internships. They can be invaluable resources when you’re trying to find a job later.

Whether you’re in high school, college, or about to enter the job market, one of the best ways to bolster your resume is with an internship. You’ll gain exposure and experience in an office environment, preparing you for a position once you’ve graduated.

Internships can be paid or unpaid, and may take place during the summer or school year.

What are some of the best cities for internships? Although the answer to this question will depend largely on your individual situation, you’ll want to balance cost of living with opportunity.

Best Internship Cities

  • New York City: Due to the size of the city, you can find a position in nearly every field: accounting internships, law internships, even performing arts internships. The cost of living in New York City is high, so you’ll want to have a firm grasp on your budget to ensure that this is a realistic destination.
  • San Francisco: Home to some of the most prominent software and technology companies in the world, Google internships are among the most sought after by college students.
  • Washington, D.C.: Our nation’s capital has hundreds of government internships working with elected officials. If you’re considering a career in law or politics, this is probably the best city for you.
  • Atlanta: The cost of living isn’t as high as it is in the three previously mentioned cities, yet Atlanta is home to 10 Fortune 500 companies, including Home Depot and Coca-Cola.
  • Dallas: This is the Southern hub for many major corporations. AT&T and Southwest Airlines are among the businesses that are headquartered in Dallas. Although it’s a major metropolitan area, you won’t be spending as much on rent and other necessities as you would in New York or San Francisco. Don’t forget that you can also find internships in nearby Fort Worth.

Quick Tips

  • When you’re looking for internships, don’t just look at the major cities. Many smaller communities are headquarters to one or two major corporations that will have dozens of opportunities. For example, Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati), Sprint (Reston, Va.) and Nestle (Glendale, Colo.) are among the biggest companies in the United States.
  • Make sure you keep in contact with your bosses and supervisors. They can prove to be invaluable resources when you’re trying to find a job.
  • If you’re wondering where to start looking for an internship, take a look at some of the best cities and companies for internships in compilation of the 50 best internships.

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