Types of Green Careers

Types of Green Careers

Find out the green jobs that are in demand today – and will stay that way!

We looked at green careers categorized by the National Employment Growth rate to give you a list of the fastest growing, in demand careers today. It must be noted that the green careers that are in highest demand are in fields that already exist. The job tasks don’t change, but there is a growing need for them as the demand for green goods and services increases.

In addition, there are in-demand green careers in existence that do add new tasks to the job description. These jobs are best for those who are considering a career change, as all new training material will cover the latest green policies and procedures. New green jobs accommodate any applicant with the desire to change the current environmental state.

Become a pioneer in the green movement. With new green careers sprouting up every day, there is a job available to fit every goal, interests and skill set.

Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation

Green careers in the agricultural field work directly with manufactured plants and animals to make sure that they are raised within acceptable green standards. Geoscientists and hydrologists test and analyze the physical components of the earth (rocks and water) for pollution, contaminants, or other harmful materials. Both subsectors also implement green policies and regulations on farmers and manufacturers, minimizing their waste production.

Top Growth in Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation:

Clean Transportation and Fuels

The transportation industry has been at the forefront of the green movement, and has been designing environmentally friendly vehicles and machinery and searching for sustainable alternative fuel sources. There grows a demand for engineers to design them, machine operators to run them and mechanics to repair them.

Top Growth in Clean Transportation and Fuels:

  • Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators: 15%
  • Locomotive Engineers: 10%
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics: 7%
  • Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters: 7%
  • Mechanical Engineers: 6%

Green Buildings

Many companies have decided to green their business, which in part requires the buildings they own to be reformed to fit green standards. Once renovations are completed, construction workers, engineers, installers and maintenance workers who are trained in green technology will have a leg up in their respective industries.

Top Growth in Green Buildings:

  • Civil Engineers: 24%
  • Carpenters: 23%
  • Construction laborers: 20%
  • Construction and Building Inspectors: 17%
  • Insulation Workers: 15%
  • Structural Iron and Steel Workers: 12%
  • Electricians12%
  • Maintenance and Repair Workers: 11%
  • Sheet metal Workers: 6%

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Cleanup

Pollution prevention, also known as cleaner production, deals with the reduction of pollution and waste. These green careers differ from pollution controls in that they work to prevent pollution from happening, rather than dealing with it after the fact.

Top Growth in Pollution Prevention and Environmental Cleanup:

Renewable Energy Production and Energy Efficiency

These two green career categories are similar and often overlap. Those in the field of renewable energy production design the equipment and technology that utilizes renewable energy sources like water, solar, and hydro power, as a main resource of energy. Careers in energy efficiency use renewable energy sources to provide the same level of energy service while actually using less energy.

In addition to altering the ways that we get our energy to fuel our homes and businesses, we also must track our energy usage to ensure that we are not overusing our natural resources. These tactics save money and energy.

Top Growth in Renewable Energy Production and Energy Efficiency:

Green Policy and Direction

President Obama has made it a priority to invest money into the growing green sector, vowing to be a leader in renewable energy production. Along with his leadership, policy makers across the country are following suit, creating plans that invest taxpayer dollars into sound ecological policies that will lead America to a brighter and cleaner future.

Top Growth in Green Policy and Direction:

Green Funding

Though choosing to green your business or home is always an ecologically sound decision, it might not always be in your economical favor. Financial advisors and analysts exist to determine how to invest funds and towards what products, appliances and other technology to invest in.

Top Growth in Green Funding:

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