Top 10 Links Every Graduate Student Should Bookmark Now!

Top 10 Links Every Graduate Student Should Bookmark Now!

Check out these websites to help with your graduate studies.

There’s no getting around it. Graduate school takes a lot of time, effort, research and work. Any resource that will help a graduate student save time in their work is one worth noting. Some of the other links pertain to financial aid, fellowships and more.

To help with your graduate studies, be as organized as possible. While procrastination and unforeseen emergencies are sometimes unavoidable, having a set schedule will help you stay current with your work. When you fall behind in your masters degree or Ph.D. program, it is much harder to catch up than in your undergraduate studies.

Top 10 Links For Graduate Students

# Graduate School Resources This is a government run site that links to sites on federal student aid programs, school profiles, graduate school exams and other valuable information. 
  1. A great resource for all of your graduate school financial needs. This is especially helpful for understanding the terms of your financial aid package and learning responsible borrowing.
  2. Need expensive software for a class? Hit up Journeyed, a discount software store for students, teachers and schools.
  3. Fellowship Opportunities North Carolina State University lists popular fellowships organized by month due.
  4. Time Management Skills This resource compiled by the Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth College has videos on learning strategies and a handy tool to assess your learning-style.
  5. Purdue Online Writing Lab If proofreading is just not your thing, or you have a specific question about it, visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab to get your questions answered. This is the most reliable proofreading website found on the Internet today.
  6. Styling Guide for MLA, APA, Chicago and CSB Research is a large part of pursuing a graduate degree, especially your Ph.D. Depending on where you go to school, what professor you have and what type of research you are performing, you will need to hand in papers with a variety of citing standards.
  7. All public libraries are free, but not all are so readily available. This site focuses more on articles than books, and can be great for research. Their books range from the classics to works by celebrated authors.
  8. 20 Great Google Secrets Tired of typing in a few random search words and praying the right results come out? Check out this article in that details 20 secrets to help improve your Google searching. This will help you save time and effort when performing Internet research for your coursework.
  9. Google Calendar In grad school, you’re going to have a lot of assignments, research papers and of course, classes to attend. To keep track of it all and improve your time management, check out Google Calendar’s features. The great thing about this calendar is you can allow other people with a Gmail account to view and add to it. This tool is especially helpful for online students and organizing study or research groups.
  10. Cut down on book costs by using this search tool that scours the Internet to find you the cheapest deal on books and textbooks.

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