Career Self-Assessment

Career Self-Assessment

Answer questions about your career goals and interests to complete your self-assessment for college.

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Having internships or part-time jobs while in school can also play a big part in helping you choose a career path.

If you've completed your Academic Self-Assessment and your Extracurricular Self-Assessment, you can now think about how to related your academic and personal achievements with prospective jobs during and after college. By thinking about your career before you attend college, you can select a college, major and degree that will help you reach your end goal: the job you want after you graduate from college.

With this next set of questions, you’ll want to, again, be honest with yourself. Your career might seem far away at the moment, but you’d be surprised how quickly four years can go by. Not to mention, if you spend three years of college as an education major and then decide to switch to an engineering science major, you’ll likely have to spend at least two more years at college to complete your new major requirements. This delays your career and is much more expensive.

How to Assess Your Career Goals

It’s not as easy to pin point the exact career you’d like to have, but starting to think about it is extremely beneficial. For example, if you seek a luxurious lifestyle you’ll need to find a job with a high salary, which means traditionally low-paying salaries in creative fields or education may not be right for you if money is a primary concern.

Be realistic about how much money you’d like to make and how much work you’d like to put into a career as these things often go hand-in-hand.

Having internships or part-time jobs while in school can also play a big part in helping you choose a career path. These opportunities allow you to experience new things and find out whether you’d be happy with an office job like an accountant, or if you’d prefer a more active job like an event planner.

Career Self-Assessment Questions:

  • If you could do anything you wanted without any limitations, what are some dream jobs you would want?
  • What other careers interest you, even if they aren’t as exciting?
  • Are there jobs you would never consider doing? What are they?
  • What’s your ideal salary?
  • Will job security be important to you?
  • Do you want a career that requires more education?
  • Will the cost of your education require you to have student debt?
  • Will the average salary of the job you want allow you to pay off your student debt?
  • Have you ever had an internship?
  • What types of internship interest you in your prospective fields?
  • Are you comfortable sitting and working for long hours, or do you prefer doing things that require some kind of manual skill or trade?
  • Would you be more comfortable working for a corporation, a smaller company or owning your own company?

Now that’s you’ve completed your self-assessment, is there anything else you haven’t considered about your experience?

If there is, make some notes for yourself and be sure to keep all of your answers together in one place so you can update them and refer to them later during your college planning process.

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