Kentucky Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

Kentucky Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

Check out Kentucky financial aid programs to help fund your college education.

Kentucky Financial Aid

Beyond federal funding, Kentucky students can receive financial aid to help with the costs of tuition and related fees. Kentucky state scholarships are applicable toward any Kentucky public college or university, and some Kentucky private colleges and universities. Scholarships can be offered to students based on financial need or merit. Some may require students to meet other specific criteria, such as playing a sport, being of a certain ethnicity, having special talents or majoring in a specific field. Students who do not receive enough aid in the form of scholarships may apply for Kentucky student loans, which are always based on the student’s financial need.

Kentucky Scholarships and Grants

Kentucky scholarships and grants are offered to residents of Kentucky who are attending a Kentucky college, university, community college or trade school. Each scholarship has different requirements, so be sure to read each sheet of guidelines carefully before spending time to fill out an application. Use the Campus Explorer Scholarship Search to find scholarships in Kentucky.

Kentucky state grants and scholarships are administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEEA). Here is a list of available Kentucky scholarships and grants:

  1. Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship: A scholarship based on academic merit for students enrolled at a eligible public university.
  2. College Access Program (CAP): A $1,900 award for students attending participating Kansas postsecondary institutions and who demonstrate financial need.
  3. Kentucky Tuition Grant: Any student who exhibits financial need and is attending an eligible regionally accredited Kansas college or university may apply for this scholarship.
  4. Go Higher Grant: A need-based grant available to adults ages 24 and older who enroll at a participating Kentucky university or college to advance in the professional world.
  5. Robert C. Byrds Honors Scholarship: Federally funded program that offers awards of varying amounts to Kentucky high school students who demonstrate superior academic achievements. This scholarship may be applied to any college or university in Kentucky.
  6. Early Childhood Development Scholarship: Kentucky residents enrolled in an approved early childhood development program and who are working at least part-time at a participating early childhood facility.

Scholarships from Kentucky Colleges and Universities

Kentucky colleges and universities offer their own scholarships for students attending their schools. Different types of school aid include departmental scholarships, merit based scholarships, and scholarships based on achievements or ethnicities. For example, the University of Kentucky offers academic scholarships, which are determined when the student sends in their application for admittance. In addition, the University of Kentucky offers departmental scholarships. Scholarships offered at Hopkinsville Community College reserved for students who demonstrate significant academic achievement have a special talent. Although these are not specifically need based aids, the students financial need is taken into consideration when choosing the winners of each scholarship.

When searching for scholarships in Kentucky, it is important to remember that there may be more funding available for students who attend college in a city with a greater number of colleges. The top 5 cities in Kentucky with the most colleges are Louisville, Lexington, Florence, Bowling Green and Owensboro.

Other Scholarships in Kentucky

Often, community organizations in Kentucky establish scholarship foundations to provide postsecondary education to students who may otherwise not be able to attend. Kentucky scholarships provided by these organizations offer the same types of scholarships as provided by the state, which are need and merit based.

  1. Foundation for Tri State Community: A community foundation that provides a database of private scholarships eligible for Kansas residents.
  2. Blue Grass Community Foundation: A long list of Kansas community scholarships for a variety of students throughout the state of Kansas.
  3. Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives: Awards four $1,500 scholarships based on academic merit and financial need to undergraduate and graduate students of Kentucky.
  4. Mary Melvina Goforth Rouse Scholarship: Native-American students living in Bell County, Kentucky of any age, who are seeking a postsecondary degree. Students must have a 2.75 GPA or higher, but otherwise the scholarship is based on financial need.
  5. Happy Chandler Scholarship Foundation: This renewable $4,000 scholarship goes to students who remain active in their communities.
  6. Inter-County Energy Cooperative Scholarship: Kansas residents living in the counties of Mercer, Boyle, Marion, Casey, Garrardor Lincoln whose parents are members of the cooperative are eligible for this $1,000 scholarship.
  7. Kentucky Society of Certified Public Accountants: Any accounting student attending a Kentucky college or university is eligible to apply for this scholarship that awards students up to $2,500. In addition to significant academic achievement, students are also judged by their leadership qualities.
  8. Jackson Energy Scholarship: High school seniors and college students ages 21 and younger are eligible to participate in this essay scholarship program.

Kentucky Student Loans

When students aren’t able to foot their entire tuition and other related fees with just scholarships, they turn to student loans. The Student Loan People were created by the Kentucky Education Assembly to help students pay for their postsecondary education. The Student Loan People specialize in creating affordable federal and private student loan packages for Kentucky residents. Featured on the Website is a tool called the Student Loan Marketplace in which students may search and compare private loan terms to help them find the best deal.

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