Remember that public schools have different tuitions for in-state and out-of-state students. In-state tuition is typically a lot more affordable.

Worried about how you’ll pay for college? See how you can prepare for college expenses now.

College can be very expensive (or “muy expensivo” if you’re in a Spanish class.) Being smart about your finances and setting realistic college expectations now can give you more options later, when it comes time to find colleges you can afford.

But you’re just a freshman, what can you really do now?

College Finance Tips

  • Find out how much college will actually cost you. Read our guide to college cost and look up tuitions for a few well-known colleges so you can get an idea of what sort of cash we are talking about.
  • Be smart about your expenses. Saving money early on can help open up options when you’re looking for colleges. Set goals for yourself and alter your lifestyle to reach these goals.
  • Talk to your parents about college finances. Have they set you up with a savings plan? Continue to add to it as you earn money throughout high school.
  • Remember that college scholarships and financial aid often hinge on academic performance. One of the best ways to keep expenses down is to keep your grades up in high school.

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