In Demand Jobs in Business

In Demand Jobs in Business

Learn more about your opportunities for business careers.

Studying business for your associates degree or bachelors degree or getting a business school degree like an MBA can broaden your career opportunities. A business career can span a number of fields, so you can combine your skills in business with other interests.

Whether you have a creative streak, a knack for numbers or a passion for marketing, there’s a business career that’s right for you. A business degree allows you to start your own business, become a manager of an existing business, become a business consultant or advance higher in your current field or position. Business school programs cover such areas as human resources, employee relations, marketing and advertising.

Here are some of the hottest business careers and the degree program you need to get them:

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors are employed by businesses to help them run more efficiently by analyzing financial data for the firm or its clients. A bachelors degree in accounting or a higher degree program is required for most accounting careers. Obtaining a masters degree or completing a certificate program can also expand career opportunities. Learn more about Accounting.

Popular Accounting & Related Services Majors:


Managing people effectively is an important skill in many industries; careers can range from retail management and personnel management to becoming a corporate executive. The type of position and the field you’re working in will determine whether you need to complete a certificate program, associates degree, bachelors degree or a masters degree like an MBA. Learn more about Management.

Popular Management Majors:

General Business

A generalized business degree helps people learn the skills they find careers in business, start their own business or advance to senior positions within an organization. The combination of a bachelors degree and related work experience are generally needed to advance in this field. Learn more about General Business.

Popular General Business Majors:

Administrative Services

Detail-oriented, analytical people tend to excel in the administrative services field. These jobs center around making sure that support services, like payroll, security, reception and mail, function smoothly in an organization. A bachelors degree is generally required for this type of position. Learn more about Administrative Services.

Popular Administrative Services Majors:

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