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Don’t forget about volunteering opportunities within your community. Colleges love volunteering and community service is probably a graduation requirement anyway.

Impress college admissions staff with unique extracurricular activities.

Think your once-a-week chess club meetings are going to cut it when it comes time to apply to colleges? Think again.

Good colleges aren’t going to look twice at applicants who don’t demonstrate some ability to get involved outside of the classroom. All colleges want well-rounded individuals who show leadership skills and commitment.

At the beginning of your freshman year we looked at initial involvement in extracurricular activities. Now let’s look at some unique ideas of how you can take your extracurriculars to the next level.

Unique Ways to Deepen Your Commitment to Extracurricular Activities

Everyone knows about the common extracurriculars – sports, dance, theater and music – and these are great for a lot of students, but maybe you aren’t interested in dance, or you’re not any good at sports, or you just want to do something unique. If you fall into one of these groups, check out these unique ideas that will deepen your extracurricular involvement:

  • Start your own club or student organization. While it can be a lot of work, starting your own club shows colleges you have leadership and organization abilities – two skills admissions boards are constantly looking for in applicants. Plus you can get in on the ground level of something you’re really stoked about.
  • Organize a school event or competition. We’ve all attended variety shows and battles of the bands, and it stands to reason that someone was behind organizing them. Most likely, it was a student or group of students from the school. Why can’t it be you? Whether you’re interested in putting on a fashion show or a breakdancing competition, schools will love seeing this type of creativity and initiative in your college applications.
  • Start your own mini-business. Why not capitalize on that unique skill that you have that can both show you are responsible and make you some extra spending cash? Whether you can build iPhone apps or have a baby-sitting service, starting your own business shows you’re a self-starter and a motivated and innovative thinker.

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