SAT Tutors and Coaches

SAT Tutors and Coaches

Is a personal SAT tutor what you need to improve your score? Find out what you can expect from SAT test tutors.

Scores often improve with an SAT tutor. Many tutoring companies even have a money-back guarantee if your score doesn't increase.

There’s no denying it: when it comes to college admissions, the SAT is pretty darn important. The test is a way for college boards to measure your aptitude for test-taking and how well you digest information that’s important to your college education.

A good SAT test score can be what determines your college admission fate.

Clearly, studying for the test is important. But is it worth it to take an SAT preparation course or hire a tutor to improve your SAT score?

What SAT Prep Courses Can Do For You

According to a study conducted by the College Board, the SAT test scores of those who were coached were between 8 and 18 points higher per section. It’s important to note that this study was conducted before the test changed from a 1600 point scale to a 2400 point scale.

A more recent study, from the National Association of College Admission Counseling found that tutored students raised their scores between 10 and 20 points.

Scores often improve with an SAT tutor. Many tutoring companies even have a money-back guarantee if your score doesn't increase.

Not only can SAT prep courses help improve your score, they can also prepare you for what to expect on the test. This preparation can allow you to be a lot more relaxed when you sit down with your number two pencil and begin the test.

Hiring an SAT Prep Tutor: Is it Worth It?

We’ve already gone over many of the benefits of using a tutor or coach to prepare for the SAT. Studies have shown that verbal and math scores rise, albeit a small amount. While ten points may separate you from an average test score and a fantastic score, it may not be enough to be worth it.

Many tutoring services are not affordable for everyone. The best tutoring services often cost between $100 to $500. Sometimes schools offer SAT preparation classes for a lot less money, but it all depends on the school.

As a rule, the more money the preparation course or coaching costs, the higher the score promised. Companies like Study Point promise an improvement of 200 points on a total score or they’ll offer free extra services.

It’s up to you to decide if the cost is worth the improved score.

SAT Preparation Options

There are many options when it comes to SAT test preparation.

Kaplan, a popular test prep company, offers prep courses, tutoring groups and one-on-one coaching. This is one of the more expensive services, but they have a history of success.

A few companies offer databases or services to find tutors who will come to you home to coach you. Parliament Tutors is one such company that offers private tutors.

If you find that taking a class or having a stranger prepare you doesn’t sound appealing, there is always the do-it-yourself option. There are free online practice tests and SAT prep books. Not being able to afford a tutor doesn’t mean that you can’t be fully prepared for the dreaded test.

Read more about how to improve your SAT scores here.

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