Student Government and College Admission

Student Government and College Admission

Learn how you to maximize the impact of your involvement in student government on your college applications.

Many high school students participate in student government (also known as student council) as a way to get involved with their school’s activities and improve their college resumes. If you are considering joining your school’s student government or are already a member, this article will tell you everything you need to know to make sure that you are getting the most of the experience.

What is Student Government?

Student government is an extracurricular activity that lets you be a part of the group that represents the ideas and interests of the student body to the school’s administration. Generally, each student government has an executive council (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, etc.) that presides over the student body. Your high school may have a student council for each grade, the entire school, or both.

Most student governments do not receive funding directly from the school and hold fundraisers to raise the money necessary to operate. These funds are used to host various dances, functions, and student activities throughout the school year.

What Does Student Government Do?

Listed below are some of the most common responsibilities of a high school student council. Your school’s student government may not partake in all of these activities; however, if one or more of them interests you, talk to your student government president or dean about starting them in your school.

Fundraising: As mentioned, student government must hold several fundraising activities throughout the year in order to cover the cost of operating expenses. These activities may include a carwash, bake sale, or penny drive.

School dances: Most high school dances are organized and funded by the student government. Nearly all high schools also host a junior and/or senior prom at the end of the year. The number of additional dances throughout the school year depends on your specific high school.

Community service: Student council may also organize and help various local community services projects within your town or district. Find out which organizations your high school is committed to.

Spirit week: ”Spirit Week” usually includes themed activities for each day of the week leading up to a major event on the upcoming weekend, such as homecoming or prom. During the week, there will be dress up days, pep rallies, and contests to help increase student interest and participation leading up to the event.

Benefits of Student Government

Leadership: Participating in student government shows extreme leadership, as you will be a part of all the student-run activities throughout your high school. Whereas other students merely reap the benefits of activities such as the prom, you will have laid the foundation that made it possible.

Scholarships: The National Association of Student Councils (NASC) offers numerous scholarships to high school seniors who participate in student government. The colleges you are applying to may offer leadership-based scholarships as well. Student council will greatly increase your chances of receiving leadership-based financial aid.

Student Government and College Admissions: Tips and Tactics

  • Student governments are also popular in college. A active membership in high school student government can lead to college student government as well.
  • Remember, if you are trying to make your college application stand out, it is not enough to simply join student government. Take charge of a fundraiser, school dance, or spearhead an event that your high school does not currently hold. Doing so will demonstrate leadership skills and make your college application look that much more impressive.

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