In Demand Jobs in Education

In Demand Jobs in Education

Learn about the latest hot education careers.

Teachers are more in demand than ever, and not just to teach children. With more adults having a harder time finding jobs in this difficult economy, many are headed back to school to continue their education, so education careers are vital for educating them all.

It stands to reason that you would need a higher education to pursue a career in education, but the type of position you’re seeking dictates what type of college degree program you are required to start your career in education.

An associates degree may be all that is required for some careers, or you can use it to enter the field and then transfer your credits to a bachelors degree program at a 4-year college or university. To teach at the college level, you are generally required to complete both your masters degree and doctorate degree. Learn more about popular career options in the field of education below.

Early Childhood Education

Interested in working with young children and contributing directly to their lives? Day-care, pre-school and elementary school education are vital for children, to teach them important skills and help them thrive in a structured school environment. Learn more about Early Childhood Education.

Popular early childhood education majors:

Education and Teaching

The field of education and teaching can lead to a career in both education administration and teaching students directly. Many state schools, online schools, public colleges and private colleges offer majors and degrees in education and help prepare you for an education career. Learn more about Education and Teaching colleges.

Popular Education and Teaching Majors:

General Education

Because of the valuable service education provides to students of all ages, the field is always in need of qualified educators. Administrators are needed to teach children, college students, and other teachers. The level of education you complete can affect your salary potential in your teaching career, as can the type of school you are teaching in and the location of the school. Learn more about General Education.

Popular Education Majors:

Secondary Education

An education career specializing in secondary education allows you to teach students in junior high and high school, usually grades 7 through 12. Depending on your preferences and college degree program, you can choose to learn to teach a variety of courses or focus on learning how to teach specific subjects. Learn more about Secondary Education colleges.

Popular Secondary Education Majors:

Teacher Training

With the increase in students going back to school, teachers are not only needed to teach these students, they’re necessary for teaching other educators how to teach effectively. If you’re interested in learning about teaching styles and strategies and with training other people who are committed to the field of education, a career in teacher training could be right for you. Learn more about Teacher Training colleges.

Popular Teacher Training Majors:

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