3 New Year's Resolutions for College Students

3 New Year's Resolutions for College Students

Set goals for the new year and discover new ways to succeed in all areas of your college life.


Accountability is a great way to help you meet any personal goal you set whether it is in the chemistry lab or the gym.

Sure, college is a great time for discovering new things and meeting new people. But, believe it or not, this time in your life is also meant for more than pinpointing the best spots for a killer party. As you head back to campus after winter break, use these tips to organize your upcoming year in college, all while making having fun a priority too.

1. Focus on the means to an end.

If scoring a higher grade in world literature or knocking a few minutes off your personal record at cross country are your main goals for the new year, then it's important to focus first on the steps required to get there.

For instance, if you are looking to score a personal best by the end of semester, then what will you have to do to get there? Will you have to add more speed workouts to your training plans? Does your diet require more nutrient foods? Do you need to be getting more sleep in order to improve your performance?

By having a specific game plan to tackle long-term goals, you will set yourself up for success rather than failure, making achieving those goals that much more realistic.

2. Get your dorm room organized.

Chances are likely that when you embarked on your college adventure, you traveled with far more things than you actually needed. Your grandma was convinced you needed 8.5 hand-knitted sweaters, and mom wanted you to have a first aid kit –– or ten.

Make it a priority to return to the dorms after winter break and purge your dorm room of the things you no longer need. Ask yourself these questions: "Did I need this over winter break" and "Is this something I need when I'm away from home?" If the answer is "no" to one or both, then chances are likely you don't need that third pair of slippers. Make "toss it" and "keep it" piles, then take the things you no longer want to a secondhand store or give a few things to your friend down the hall who always looks extra cold.

3. Pencil in fitness along with class scheduling.

College students are like any other person who is looking to exercise more –– if they don't have an hour, then they think it's not worth it. Make the new year your time for getting a grip on fitness, and squeezing in sweat sessions whenever you have time. Take a ten-minute lap around campus to give you an much-needed endorphin rush during long study sessions, or try these dorm room exercises from Robbie Darby, founder of RAD Experience, that only require a hefty textbook.

"Schedule physical activity every time you register for classes," Darby said. "Change things up each semester so that you or your body don't get bored. And lastly, recruit friends in the same way you recruit members for a study group. Accountability is a great way to help you meet any personal goal you set whether it is in the chemistry lab or the gym."  

Quick Tips

  • Design a game plan for accomplishing end-of-semester goals.
  • Get rid of dorm room clutter by shipping unused items home or passing them on to a secondhand store.
  • Schedule in fitness at the same time you do classes to avoid missing sweat sessions.

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