Working in College

Find out how to keep your full-time job while attending college.

It’s a simple reality for some people: You need to keep working full time during school.

Life doesn’t stop for college.

If attending class in person isn’t an option for you, online courses can be a great alternative to on-campus classes.

If the time is right to go back to school, how can you manage while working a full-time job?

Learn some strategies for balancing work and school here.

Employee Tuition Assistance Programs

As part of the worker benefit package, over 50% of companies with more than 100 employees offer some type of tuition assistance. There’s no reason to not take advantage of such a great benefit.

It’s important for adult students to keep in mind that taking advantage of the tuition assistance may come with some stipulations. Some programs require students to hold a certain grade point average; others expect the employee to stay with the company for a certain number of years. It’s important to investigate these stipulations before signing on to a tuition assistance plan.

If it turns out that your company doesn’t have tuition assistance, ask your employer if it’s possible to start a program. Since the company gets a tax exemption, tuition assistance programs benefit both the employer and the employee.

Part-time, Weekend, and Evening Courses

Full-time employees often do not have enough free time to take a regular load of college courses. Luckily, most community colleges, technical colleges, and even four-year universities, have part-time and evening programs.

Depending on how fast you’d like to complete the program, you can register for one to four classes per week. While weekend programs aren’t quite as common, many colleges do offer some weekend classes within specific disciplines. As part-time students become more common, these opportunities are likely to increase.

Online Courses

If attending class in person isn’t an option for you, online courses can be a great alternative to on-campus classes. Much like part-time and evening programs, online education has exploded within the last few years. While online classes do require a lot more discipline and personal motivation, they also give students a great deal of flexibility in that they can complete coursework on their own time. Online courses are especially convenient for students with children.

Surviving Work and School

Working and going to college can be difficult. In order to excel both in the workplace and at school, develop some skills to optimize your time and effort.

Here are a few suggestions:

Prioritize: To-do lists and calendars can make juggling work and school more manageable.

Organize: Staying organized will help keep your assignments in order and improve efficiency.

Reward Yourself: Children aren’t the only ones who respond to rewards. Take breaks and enjoy yourself from time to time to keep everything fresh and motivated.

Focus on the Big Picture: Focus and think about the future and your family in order stay motivated to succeed not only as a student, but also as a spouse and parent.

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