Adult Student's Study Guide

Adult Student's Study Guide

Brush up on these study tips to help you get the most out of your college education.

You’re a busy person.

You work 9-5, have class from 6-8, and a household to run the rest of the day.

There are kids to feed, dogs to walk, laundry to be laundered, and on top of all of that: homework to be completed (and on time).

It’s difficult to set aside time specifically for assignments, and it can be even more challenging to find uninterrupted time to complete the assignments.

The good news is: you’re not alone. Thousands of adult students are just like you, and use the following adult student study guide to help them manage all of their responsibilities.

Develop a Routine and Let Your Family Know About It

Make a weekly schedule. Set aside time specifically for studying and post that schedule for all to see. Form a habit of sticking to the schedule and referring to it when your family has questions. Make your schedule an expectation, not just an afterthought, and ensure that your family and friends respect your need for study time.

Make a List

To-do lists allow you to prioritize and organize your work. You can incorporate household tasks into your list, or segregate household items from school items. Update the list as often as possible so you don’t have to worry about forgetting an assignment that somehow slipped your mind.

Incorporate Your Family

When possible, let your kids or spouse help you study. There’s nothing in the rules that says you have to do this alone, so use your resources and family bond to make learning fun. You will get the help you need and your family will feel more involved.

Use a Consistent Study Area

While it may be difficult to find a perfect study area, make sure you have room to stay organized. Don’t just pile your papers and books on your bed; find a table and spread out. Develop a comfortable, well-lit space where you know you can get things done.

Reward Yourself

Rewards aren’t just for kids. When you’ve completed a big assignment or worked hard for a period of time, take a break or plan a movie night with friends. Let rewards keep you motivated, and prevent you from burning out.

Find Uninterrupted Study Time

Whether you need to wake up 15 minutes before the kids or use some of your lunch break for studying, uninterrupted study time will allow you to work the most efficiently. Be creative. Find pockets of time throughout the day and use them to their full potential.

Form a Study Group

If you need help sticking to a schedule or find working in groups to be more advantageous, don’t be afraid to reach out to other students in your class. Forming a study group with fellow students can not only improve your grades, but can also build an in-school social support for you, with others that can relate to the stress of exams and papers.

Stay Motivated

As an adult student, you have a much better understanding of what motivates you. Use this wisdom and keep the motivation high as you study. Remember the goals you set out in the beginning and don’t be afraid to refer to them when you’re feeling unmotivated. Maybe you want to help your family, or get a higher paying job but no matter what the motivation, remember that you’ve committed all this time and money for a reason. Don’t let it go to waste.

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