Hobbies, High School Clubs and Your College Applications

Hobbies, High School Clubs and Your College Applications

Find out how getting involved in a club or starting one (even better!) can help your college applications.

There’s more to college preparation than just studying and getting good grades. While rigorous academic coursework is fundamental, it’s not the only component of a successful college application.

Admissions officers sort through mountains of applications to find the standouts, and good grades are often not enough to separate yourself from the crowd. Your hobbies and clubs in high school are essential in establishing yourself as a unique, passionate and committed individual. Here are some ways to strengthen your college application with a little extracurricular involvement.

Why Are Hobbies Important?

College is not simply an academic institution; it’s also a community. And, like any community, it thrives on diversity. Admissions officers are looking for studious, intelligent students with a variety of interests. Whether your hobbies are academically oriented or geared towards the fine arts, they reflect your character and personality and are a window into who you are as a person for the college admissions boards to see.

Instead of just rating your academic abilities by a GPA and standardized test scores, through extracurricular involvement, admission officers will get a glimpse into who you are outside of the classroom and some of your skills and abilities in a community setting.

High School Clubs: How to Make Your Hobbies Count

Joining clubs is the best way to make your personal interests known to college admissions boards. Not only do clubs give you something to put on your application, they also demonstrate that you’re serious about your hobbies. Remember, colleges are looking for students who will enrich their community; it’s important to show them that you are committed to your activities and intend to continue them. Because of this, seeing “skateboarding” as an activity would be less compelling to an admissions officer than “president of skateboarding club. If the club that you want to join doesn’t exist at your high school, start one yourself! It’s a pretty simple process at most high schools, and that kind of initiative will reflect well on your application.

Hobbies, High School Clubs and Your College Applications: Tips and Tactics

  • The actual activity you participate in is less important than showing that you have a dedicated and ongoing commitment to it. While a unique club or hobby in high school might win you points with some admissions officers, you’ll likely find more success with a wide and diverse array.
  • If a certain club sounds interesting to you, attend a meeting or two and see if you like it.
  • You may be surprised how many great opportunities there are at your high school. Every year clubs and hobbies are expanding in high schools.
  • Just make sure your coursework doesn’t suffer from too many extracurricular activities. Admissions officers love to see an applicant with plenty of interests, but they also love to see high marks.

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