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Make sure your interest in the extracurricular activity is genuine. Admissions boards can tell when students are just trying to bolster their college applications.

It’s not too late to get involved in extracurriculars. Pick an activity (or four) to enhance your schedule.

If you haven’t participated in extracurricular activities much so far (videogames don’t count), junior year is the time to get involved. You have two years to get involved, whether it’s in drama, student government, cross-country, or community service.

College admissions boards are looking for well-rounded students but this doesn’t mean that you should necessarily participate in 30 activities. These boards prefer a depth of commitment, meaning they’d rather see you be fully committed to one activity rather than partially committed to a bunch.

How can you show a commitment?

  • Start your own club. Not only does organizing a club shows initiative and a true commitment but it also helps future students with similar interests get involved.
  • Captainships and leadership roles show an investment in the sport or activity and demonstrate that you can be a leader when you get to college.
  • While it may be difficult to join a varsity sport now, don’t rule out club sports. Colleges don’t care if you are the best athlete, just a committed one.

Finally, don’t forget about activities outside of the school. Get involved with your church, community organization, or neighborhood charity and don’t forget to include this on your application.

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