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No matter who helps you send in your applications, it’s your responsibility to make sure your prospective colleges get exactly what they need. Don’t forget!

Make an appointment with your guidance counselor to ensure all your colleges get what they need.

Think of your high school guidance counselor as your tag-team partner in the fight to conquer college applications. Once you have filled out your college applications, either online or in print, tag in your counselor to finish off the job.

What can your counselor help you do?

Your partner can help you stay on top of all admissions requirements and deadlines. If you make sure they know exactly which schools you’re applying to, they can help you gather required documents. Just make sure they have adequate time to do so.

Your counselor can:

What if you can’t meet with a counselor?

If you can’t set up a meeting with a counselor or you simply don’t have one, the responsibility of getting all necessary documents falls on you. It’s not a big deal though; you just need to make these tweaks to the application process:

1. Have teachers send your letters of recommendation directly to the schools. Your applications should have all the directions you need. Don’t forget to include a stamped and addressed envelope.

2. Since your grades need to be official, someone from your school will help you send your transcripts to your prospective colleges. Whoever it is – secretary, assistant principal, or administrative employee - keep in touch with them throughout the process, and follow up with the colleges to make sure they receive them.

3. You can designate where your SAT or ACT scores go when you sign up to take the test. But if you need to add a school or two, just follow directions online, pay the fees, and contact the schools to ensure they receive your schools.

4. If in doubt, refer to the Campus Explorer application checklist.

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