As you sift through the many college programs for adult students, decide whether you're interested in a certificate program, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree program. Find out if online colleges are right for you.

As an adult student, you most likely will need some sort of financial aid, whether it a student loan or grants and scholarships, to help pay for college. Learn how to fill out your FAFSA and the best ways to save for college.

As you search for the right school for you, check out how your education translates to a career and learn about this year's in demand jobs. Explore career training and which industries are projected to grow, even through tough economic times.

College Planning for Adult Students

Planning for College as an Adult

Explore the wide array of college programs for adult students and see if you're suited for a certificate program, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree. Find out how to schedule your classes around your job, your family, and your social commitments. See if online education is for you and look into the best online schools in the country.

How to Pay for College

Adult students have a variety of financial obligations that typical undergrads don't have to worry about. See how you can save for college and earn crucial tuition tax credits. Learn about the basics of financial aid and FAFSA and how you can find scholarships as an adult student. If you need to borrow for school, explore the different types of loans available to you and tips on how to pay it back after graduation.

College Life

As an adult student, it's important to understand exactly how school has changed since you were last a student. Explore what college classes and majors are like these days and find out what types of tests you'll be expected to pass. On the housing front, see if you're more suited to live on or off campus and how you can apply for student housing as an adult student.

Career Planning for Adult Students

Whether you want to move up in your career or find a new one, learn the basics of retraining and second careers for adult students. Define your career goals and find out how you can align your education with these goals, including both community college educations and four-year degrees. Explore green careers and more of the fastest growing industries.