Prepare for your advanced degree program search by exploring master's, MBA, and PhD programs. Learn which master's degrees are in demand or see if you want earn your MBA online or in person.

Find out the importance of grad school applications, including tips on letters of recommendation, personal statements, and interviews. Find out where you should be on the grad school application timeline.

Graduate school financial aid can be quite different than what you experienced as an undergrad. Find information about scholarships, grants, and fellowships for grad students, and tips on how to pay for your advanced degree.

College Planning for Graduate Students

Planning for College as a Graduate Student

Making the decision to go to graduate school requires a great deal of preparation, you need to know everything from the basics of graduate school applications to when you need to take the GMAT or GRE. See which graduate programs fit with your education goals and learn exactly what you can expect as a grad student. For MBA students, dive right into the types of MBA programs and the top MBA schools.

How to Pay for College

Grad school can be very expensive if you don't know allocate your financial assets appropriately. Learn some tips on how to pay for graduate school and how you can choose between graduate student loan options. See how you might be able to get in-state tuition or how your employer might pay for some or all of your education. Explore scholarships, grants, fellowships, and graduate student assistantships that can make grad school much more affordable.

College Life

College life for grad students can be much different than for undergraduates. See how graduate school classes, majors, and tests are different and take advantage of the variety of resources dedicated to grad students. Check out your housing options and get advice on where to live and who to live with. Learn how you can juggle school, family, a job, and social commitment while succeeding in grad school.

Career Planning for Adult Students

Prepare a solid plan for life after grad school and find out how you can set your graduate school schedule to align with your career goals. No matter what you're studying, it's important to understand job trends. Explore the highest paying careers and the most in demand industries, from business to education to healthcare.