College Plan Timeline:


High School Senior

It's college application time! Finalize your college search and learn about the admissions process. There's still time to retake your SAT or ACT if you need to improve your scores. Remember to finish strong in your high school classes!

Learn some last minute tips and tricks before you apply for financial aid, grants and scholarships. Get the money you need by filling out your FAFSA and learning about state-based financial aid.

Focus your career research on specific careers fields. Learn about hot jobs in today's economy and have a look at vocational training and alternatives to a four-year college.

College Planning for High School Seniors

Planning for College: Senior Year

Senior year is application year! Make sure you know what to include in your college applications and exactly where you want to apply. As a senior, there's still time to retake the SAT or ACT if you need to improve your standardized tests scores and don't forget to finish strong academically. Your senior grades will be an integral part of your high school transcripts and your college admissions resume. Make your final college decision and prepare for your first semester as a bona fide college student.

How to Pay for College: Senior Year

It's important to navigate college financial aid requirements and make sure your financial aid is in order during your senior year of high school. Complete your FAFSA and learn about other financial aid deadlines. Once admitted, don't forget the importance of financial aid - check that your school has everything they need before you set foot on campus. Continue your search for scholarship money and earn some extra spending cash with a summer job.

College Life

At the end of your senior year of high school, you will apply to student housing and figure out exactly what to bring to school by completing your college packing checklist. Learn about the roommate matching system and find out how you can make sure your new roommate doesn't drive you crazy. Get a jump on your college experience by fully committing to your new school's summer orientation.

Career Planning for Seniors

As a high school senior, prepare yourself for the changing job market by first exploring the most popular college majors, then taking a look at recession-proof careers. Identify job trends and how you can take advantage of up and coming technologies. Find a summer internship that can give you important leadership experience, a network of solid job connections, and a sense of what type of work you're suited for.