College Planning in High School

Finding the Right College

How do you find the college that's right for you? Learn where to start, what criteria to use and how to get the most of college search tools.

Types of Colleges

From small liberal arts colleges in the mountains to major research institutions in big cities...what kind of college are you looking for? Learn more about what's out there and how to make your big college decisions.

College Visits and Making a Decision

Visiting college campuses is one of the key factors in making your decision where to apply - and where to attend. Learn what questions to ask on campus visits...and how to finally narrow it down to one school.

Alternatives to a Four-Year College

Everyone's idea of college is different. We want to help you discover all your education options. Maybe you'd like to take a year off before going to college? What about transfers and other routes to a four-year college? And what about online education? Learn about some of the alternatives to a "traditional" college experience.

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