College Life

College Housing

Dorms and On-Campus Housing

What's it like living in the dorms? How do you choose where you live as you progress through college? What's an RA and what does he or she do? Find out everything you need to know about dorm life and living on campus now.

Apartments and Off-Campus Housing

Many college students live in apartments and off-campus housing - whether it's because there's no room in their schools' dorms or they want the flexibility of choosing where to live. While it can be intimidating to rent your first apartment, it's a great experience that will prepare you for life in the real world. Explore apartment rentals and other types of off-campus housing now.

College Roommates

Need some tips on how to get along with or choose a college roommate? Or just interested in hearing some college roommate horror stories? Explore the topic of college "roomies" now.

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