Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque Skyline During Autumn With Trees And Lake

Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico, by quite a bit, with the most recent Census measuring the population at 562,599. Comparatively, the capital of Santa Fe has about 90,000. 

With that, Albuquerque is not just a city, but the city in New Mexico, where most of the other landscape is beautiful-yet-desolate deserts like the ones you may have seen on Breaking Bad. 

Being five times larger than any other city in the state, it’s probably no surprise that Albuquerque colleges and universities are also more plentiful than in other parts of The Land of Enchantment. 

Here’s a look! 

Universities in Albuquerque – 4-Year Colleges and Online 

The flagship college in the state of New Mexico is the University of New Mexico, and its main campus lies in the heart of Albuquerque. The University of Phoenix also has a brick-and-mortar campus and offers certificates, four-year degrees, and master’s programs in Albuquerque. Here are a few more 4 year Albuquerque colleges and universities to check out:

  • Southwest University of Visual Arts
  • Brookline College
  • National American University

New Mexico is a very large state with a very spread-out population, so it benefits them to have online offerings for education, and that, they do. The two largest Albuquerque universities above, U of Phoenix and U of New Mexico – Main Campus, both have robust online resources and options for online bachelor’s degrees. 

Community Colleges in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Community colleges and specialized trade schools aren’t in short supply in Albuquerque either. Here are some places in Albuquerque to pursue an associate’s degree or specialized certification

  • Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy
  • Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute
  • Pima Medical Institute – Albuquerque (their main campus in Phoenix offers four-year degrees)  
  • Central New Mexico Community College
  • Carrington College – Albuquerque
  • Avenue Academy, A Cosmetology Institute
  • Aveda Institute (Cosmetology, Esthilogy)

Get to Know Albuquerque 

hot air balloons over a river in Albuquerque, NM

The year-round sunshine and relatively warm weather is helping Albuquerque quickly become a hub for tech and media companies and other industries whose business is conducted online more than in person. 

It’s also touted for its cuisine, with influence from Native American, European, and Mexican cultures mixed in heavily in the vibrant restaurant scene. There is plenty of typical college life to be lived too, and even if you don’t go to the University of New Mexico, you’ll certainly be welcomed in cheering on their D-1 sports teams and enjoying some of the live music and entertainment around the campus.

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