Newark, NJ

Skyline view of newark in the fall

Newark is a populous city (307,000) in northern New Jersey, about 25 miles from downtown Manhattan. Public transportation to New York City is very affordable and easy to use, but Newark has no shortage of things to do, either. Known as “Brick City,” there aren’t many colleges, but there are many large businesses headquartered in Newark, including Panasonic and Prudential Financial, which means several opportunities for internships and employment.  

It’s also an exceptionally diverse city, meaning college students from all across the country can carve out a part of town to make it feel like home. Here’s a closer look at colleges and universities in Newark, NJ. 

Universities in Newark, NJ – 4-Year Colleges and Online

View of Rutgers University Camden in Newark, NJ. Tan and red buildings

Three colleges within the city limits of Newark offer 4-year degrees, with the most recognizable being Rutgers Univerisity, one of the oldest colleges in the country. The other two colleges that offer bachelor’s degrees in Newark are the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Pillar College. 

Community Colleges in Newark, NJ

Newark is located in Essex County, and the primary option for a community college in Newark is Essex County College, though the New Community Career and Technical Institute also offers several practical certifications to prepare you for work around New York City. 

Get to Know Newark, NJ

Though it can certainly be considered a suburb of NYC, Newark is still very much its own city. Residents enjoy a lot more space than their NYC counterparts, and it is not impractical for working students to live in Newark and take public transportation to colleges in the city. It also offers a much quicker escape from the city lights, as it is one of the easternmost suburbs, with a lot of rolling hills and forests just a bit further east.

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