Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA, USA downtown skyline

The third-largest city in Georgia, Augusta had a population of 202,000 as of the 2020 Census. 

In the golf universe, Augusta is synonymous with The Master’s Tournament, considered by most as the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. It is played every spring at the Augusta National Golf Club. 

In addition to a handful of 4-year universities and community colleges, in Augusta, there are several options for golf-related education in the area, much thanks to the popularity of the golf tournament. 

Universities in Augusta – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Augusta University headlines the list of 4-year colleges in Augusta, GA, but Paine College also lies within the city limits. Both student bodies enjoy the year-round warm weather and accessibility to nature in the surrounding hills. 

Several Congressmen and Women have graduated from Augusta University, including Paul Brown, Doug Barnard, Jr., and Phil Gingrey.

Community Colleges in Augusta, GA

It can’t be understated how important golf is to the city of Augusta, but those hyper-specialized programs are often at courses, not places of education. As far as community colleges in Augusta, Augusta Technical College offers associate’s programs and certifications, as does the Miller-Motte Technical Campus of Platt College. 

Get to Know Augusta, GA 

Augusta National Golf Club sign in Augusta, GA

Did we mention golf?

Augusta is also home to Fort Gordon, an Army Base that recently became the new National Cybersecurity Headquarters and many medical and biotech companies conduct their business out of Augusta. 

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